The Peaceful Vegan Revolution
By Charles Walker






Meditation is the simple answer to a complex and dangerous world. If you truly want to live in a non-violent world, where all beings, not just us privileged humans, can live their lives in peace and freedom, you have to make a contribution to that process. There is nowhere else to start but with yourself.


The bottom line is that there cannot be widespread peace so long as there is widespread violence. So a good place to start is by looking at your own actions, rather than living in despair at the actions of others. The chances are that you are personally responsible for a great deal of suffering, anguish and pain added to the collective consciousness. Its just that you have been programmed to believe that violence against animals is really O.K, just as men were once programmed to believe that violence against women and children was once O.K.


But is animal exploitation really O.K, and is it really acceptable for civilized people to imprison, torture, and execute animals for our own pleasure, or the pleasure we get from eating them or stealing their mothers' milk ?


Oddly enough, in the realm of human law it really is O.K., but as you go deeper and deeper into your subconscious, through meditation, you start to say to yourself “Hey, hang on a minute, this really, really is not O.K. Eating dead bodies is not O.K."


When those understandings start coming through, you have entered the realm of Karmic Law, where it becomes crystal clear what is right and what is wrong. This is also the realm of Compassion, which is the area of your consciousness behind the Robot Mind.


When you reach the realm of Compassion, you have more or less arrived home, because now you are on the straight highway which leads inevitably to Happiness and Liberation. Now you will never feel the need to stray very far from the direct route to total Understanding. Even purely on a selfish level you now understand that you will also feel the emotional pain and fear of the beings you destroy for your own short term greed. Only an idiot would deliberately punch themselves in the face. So oddly enough compassion can also arise for selfish reasons, through intellectually understanding the Law of Karma, or Cause and Effect, which determines that every action brings an inevitable opposite and equal reaction.


It is said, that when the prisoner receives his release papers, even though he is still sitting in his prison cell, he is already free. And so it is that when it dawns on you that you have reached the realm of compassion, you too have received your release papers. Actually if you have just read the previous page of this book, and understood it with total clarity, you have your release papers in your hand. So you can file them away into your invisible briefcase and relax. If you have not understood it, may I respectfully ask you to gather up all your awareness, and read it again.


Now you don’t need to be in a hurry anymore. In fact you understand that to be in an unnatural haste, like some manic road hog on the L.A. freeway to nowhere, will positively work against the free expansion of your consciousness. The psychopathic rush your mind enjoys so much, is the concrete wall of your prison cell, which you yourself have built, and which you alone can demolish.


Your consciousness has Infinity in which to unfold, so it is pointless and counterproductive to be in a spiritual hurry. When you understand this you can more easily drop your greedy rush for Enlightenment, and get back to the Here and Now of what is happening to the nitty gritty world all around you, and see more clearly how you can join in with the wonderful adventure of Healing the Earth.


I want to say very clearly, that it will be very difficult to live happily through the next two decades without the solid base of Meditation. The pace of life and the enormous increase in input through the media into the human mind will more than likely burn out your resistance to stress and rob you of the simple enjoyment of your beautiful life.


Just sit down regularly in a comfortable chair, or on the floor, or on the beach, and start watching your breath making sure to draw many life-giving lungfuls of Prana into your being. Feel how it heightens your senses and increases your enjoyment of life. See how much more Love comes into your heart and into your life once you start going with the flow, rather than struggling against it. You are a highly conscious and powerful human being. You were born to Enjoy, and born to be Free.

"As long as we make our stomachs the graves of innocent animals, there will never be peace on Earth"

Vegetarianism and more specifically Veganism is the next step in the Evolution of Humanity and the Vegan Revolution is clearly now unstoppable. Only just in time!


Carry on, Love is coming

Love is coming to us all.

Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young



We were talking, about the love we all could share.

When we find it, to try our best to hold it there.

With our Love, we can change the world

If they only knew.


George Harrison