The Vegan Revolution
By Charles Walker




"THIS LAND IS OUR LAND"…Woody Guthrie.




The side effects of this simple shift in eating habits will bring about beneficial changes in society which many have dreamed about but not dared to believe will ever actually happen.


In the first place, a general shift to a plant-based diet will free up 95% of agricultural land, currently being used to graze livestock or grow food to feed livestock and other farm animals. This is because it takes roughly twenty times the area of land to produce meat and dairy products as it does to produce cereals or vegetables for direct consumption be humans. In semi – arid parts of Australia and Africa this ratio changes to around 50 times, and you can still see pitiful cattle and sheep, half dead from heat exhaustion and thirst roaming the outback ranches of Australia searching for the few blades of grass left to keep them alive. This is really gross cruelty, as well as environmental vandalism. It is also government sponsored. The great injustice is that it is the tax dollars of the people who have been pushed off the land that is being used by the people they elected to keep them off the land, in favour of a few people, who are currently ruining it for future generations.

A gutwrenchingly shocking documentary made by Four Corners for the ABC Australia Channel was shown on prime time T.V. in 2011,showing how Australian cattle are shipped Live to Indonesian abbatoirs and deliberately tortured by the abbatoir workers there so that they endured slow painfull deaths.It is incredible that so called sensitive humans can watch such scenes and still continue to buy meat and dairy products,but humans can be very cruel and that is a mystery in itself.




The reason why there is a global lack of employment in rural areas of the developed world, is that big business and governments, in particular the European Common Market, have made it more and more difficult for the small scale farms, or smallholdings to survive, by introducing quotas and a million little regulations, although in fairness some of those regulations have improved working conditions and benefited some aspects of animal welfare. But the overriding negative impact has been to make it impossible for the small farmers to make a living wage, and they have been forced to sell up to their bigger neighbours, causing an amalgamation into supersize farms and ranches. So where ten smallholdings once employed twenty to thirty people, a large farm of the same acreage, running a few hundred cattle, can now be managed by one family with only two workers, or worse still by a remote agricultural business employing an overworked and stressed- out manager.


If these farms were allowed to fragment again into smallholdings producing fruit and vegetables, there would be many times more jobs available in the countryside, and more importantly, millions of people could experience a healthy and stress-free livelihood.


The extortionate price of land in Europe and now most parts of Australasia has been caused solely by government subsidies, because investors know that whether or not their farming practices are sustainable, they can keep buying up more land, or stay on an unproductive farm simply because they are guaranteed a fat cheque from the government, based on the amount of ‘head’ they are grazing. Some of the Welsh hill farmers actually buy as many sick and old sheep as they can cram on to their marginal hill farms just to keep the numbers of their flocks up, even though this leads to overgrazing and prevents even the most persistent type of tree cover from becoming established again.

200 years ago the rich and powerful simply kidnapped people and worked them to death, while most government and churches supported and benefited from slavery.


At the beginning of the 1970’s an acre of usable land in the Welsh hills cost on average Ten pounds, so people who wanted to escape from the cities and make a better life with their children could do so without strangling themselves with enormous mortgages. Now because of the negative effects of subsidies, the land costs around two thousand pounds an acre.


A similar enormous rise in the price of rural land in Australia and New Zealand is now making it impossible for young people or retirees from the city to create a livelihood in the rural areas, which has led to the disappearance of thousands of rural communities, as the farms get bigger and employ less people. It is fair to say that the countryside in most western countries is now only available to the rich. Escapees from the cities are allowed to visit their countryside, but only if they pay very high prices for the privilege by the day. Even backpackers have to be rich nowadays, with the average bunk in a tiny room in England, shared by ten others, costs twenty pounds per night.




Every adult in the world, regardless of their nationality, should be entitled to an area of the Earth large enough to feed and house themselves and their family. This must be theirs by right, because it is complete madness that one human being needs to buy that right from another, in most cases enslaving themselves for life to do so. One acre per adult would be a fair allocation, since it would give everyone more than enough space to grow all the fruit and vegetables they could need and some left over to store or sell at local markets. This would also lessen the enormous amounts of basic foods being shipped around the planet to places which can perfectly well grow them themselves.




Australian native animals have been designed by Nature over millions of years to cause minimum damage to the native grasses and soil types of that country. Hence the very distinctive splayed feet of the Kangaroo and Wallaby species. This design effectively spreads the weight of the marsupial over as great an area as possible, causing less damage to the plants and the soil they grow in. The cattle imported by the European settlers, on the other hand, are much too heavy, and of course, they are cloven- hoofed animals. This makes them totally unsuitable for the Australian soil structure, which is predominantly Red volcanic Basalt or Black Sandy Loam. This unsuitability is also true of the other domestic animals brought in, such as sheep, pigs, and goats. Horses are not cloven – hoofed, but are just as destructive due to the enormous weight per square inch they bring to bear on the land.


The effect of this concentrated weight is to grind and pound the native grasses out of existence and expose the soil to massive erosion. In many cases this loss can amount to one hundred tons of topsoil per year- just ground into dust and blown into the air and oceans. The massive dust storms occasionally experienced in Melbourne and Adelaide are testament to this gross mismanagement of the land.


In New Zealand the damage to the soil and subsequent erosion is obvious all over the countryside. This is not surprising, since there are 60 million sheep and 10 million Dairy cows devastating that small country of only four million people. The downside for the citizens of New Zealand, that up to 96% of the Dairy products and Lamb produced there, is shipped overseas. This means that the entire future of the country's economy and ecological well being, which is its soil, is being exported in the form of animal products, which benefit only a tiny minority of the population, i.e. the farmers.


It is a mystery why there has not been a general outcry about this situation, but somehow governments worldwide are still managing to stave off widespread revolt by feeding the people very convincing propaganda, which shuts them up. Ministers are well trained in treating the voters like mushrooms. “Keep them in the dark and feed them bullshit” is the Ministry of Agriculture Motto.


 How the Ruling Elite Funnels Public Money into the Pockets of its Main Backers


Why on earth would governments throughout the developed world want to use public money to subsidize such a damaging, uneconomic,and inefficient industry? After all the main mantra of economic rationalism is ‘Shape up or ship out’, ‘If it doesn’t pay, let it die’.


The miners and textile workers of England and Wales got no subsidies to keep their ailing industries alive, and this led to massive unemployment and abandonment of towns and villages associated with those industries. So why is the cry always, "We cannot abandon the Farmers because it would cause unemployment and depopulation of the countryside", when in fact, as we have seen, it is the farmers themselves who have already caused that loss of livelihood and accompanying depopulation by amalgamating the small farms into big ones,admittedly under pressure from government economists. 


One of the most effective and heart-rending pieces of propaganda, which has recently become a favourite of the media, is the well documented increase in suicides amongst some sections of the farming community. This has been caused by some farmers being plunged into despair by bank debts they cannot ever repay, and general gloom about the future of farming in general, particularly Livestock farming.


Of course it is sad that anyone should reach such a state of depression. But the Media and government ministers do not seem so concerned about the millions of old and poor rural people, who suddenly found themselves stranded in the English countryside when Doctor Beeching, later Lord Beeching, destroyed the wonderful network of railways crisscrossing the English landscape. This was the lifeblood of thousands of local communities, and a major rural employer, not to mention a comparatively ozone –friendly method of shifting freight around.


But because public rail transport was deemed un-economic it had to go, causing massive loneliness and heartache particularly amongst old people, who had no choice but to join the continuing shift to the cities, or, if they were still able to drive, they had to buy a car! Surprise, surprise!, They had to buy a car. And who benefits most from that, apart from the motor manufacturers? The people who sell the petrol, of course. And who gets the biggest share of the fuel revenues? The government.


Over 80% of the cost of fuel now goes to the government as tax in the U.K., where it costs around four pounds a gallon, making it the most expensive car fuel in the world. This is one of the more blatant examples of how governments monopolise a nation’s wealth and funnel it into their own tax coffers, just as they were doing in the time of Robin Hood. The difference is that in those days the peasants had two choices: Fight and risk being killed as a rebel, or die of starvation anyway. The western governments realized decades ago that if they threw the poor people a few crumbs from their table, in the form of Social Security payments, as advised in the Keynesian philosophy of Economic Rationalism, they could fend off the kind of revolutions they witnessed in France and then Russia, as the landless peasants reached the end of their tether and rose up against the Ruling Elite.


The real reason most governments subsidize farmers is very simple. It is because almost all governments worldwide are dominated by people who are either landowners or businesspeople actively involved in buying and selling shares related to ownership of housing or office development land or farming land, connected with the production of subsidized food. So obviously they are going to vote for funnelling public money into their own pockets, even if it benefits thousands of other people who are not members of government.


Instead of being honest about their vested interests and motivations they fall back on the wonderful excuse that they are generously donating public money to prevent unemployment in rural areas, and the most twisted and ingenious explanation off all that they are protecting their constituents against the primordial fear of starvation.


There can be no better example of where landowning vested interests are served than the good old British House of Lords. The survival of this totally undemocratic and immoral situation, whereby a group of un-elected Bishops, together with a rabble of un-elected Aristocrats, whose ancestors stole the land from the people, control the lives of sixty million people in the British Isles, is almost unbelievable in a country with prides itself as the champion of democracy.


It would take a book in itself to explain the symbiotic relationship between landowners and governments, but suffice it to say that it is in the government’s best interests as a financial and business institution to keep the countryside de-populated. This ensures that people who can look after themselves and want to live independently on organic smallholdings are prevented from doing so and remain trapped in urban areas doing soul-destroying and consumer orientated jobs, and most important of all, supplying the ever hungry Maw of the government with TAXES !

Incredible though it may seem,the American Obama government is now looking at ways of making it ILLEGAL for its citizens to grow their own vegetables! The Genetic Modification lobbyists must have come up with that one somehow,while they perpetrate the lie that we cannot otherwise feed the worlds population of 7 billion humans.What they cunningly forget to mention is that we are actually feeding 63 billion mouths! Sadly 55 billion of those mouths are farm animals being fattened up for the butchers knife.


The rulers then use our money to control almost every aspect of our lives, "For our own good and protection". Are we really that naughty that we need to allocate up to 40% of our national wealth to pay the authorities to keep us in line?


I am not in any way in favour of dissolving the armed forces or the police just yet, because unfortunately they are still needed to protect people from violence and theft both from inside and outside the state. Sadly there are still mad dictators around the world who would attack their neighbours if they were given the chance, and there are still many unfortunate people within most societies who have not learned how to control their personal violence and greed.


We should not forget, however that a large percentage of petty crime and theft is borne out of frustration and poverty caused by what is effectively legalized theft such as multiple property ownership, which makes permanent rent slaves of millions of people.Most experts in the field of Domestic Violence agree that a prime factor is stress caused by Debt and extreme financial anxiety.


It is time we shifted into a new phase of evolution, which will move away from the present practice of keeping 95% of the land and wealth in the hands of the 5% who make up the controlling or ruling elite, and redistributing it to those who can make the best use of it for the benefit of all.




For 20 to 30 years there have been enormous surpluses in the food supply in the European Community, Ironically called Milk Lakes and Meat Mountains. It would be funny if it were not so tragic.


Right now there are millions of surplus carcasses of cows, pigs, and sheep hanging in refrigerators all over Europe, which are costing so much to store that there is periodic talk of simply burning them to save money. This is a ghastly and obscene holocaust, and you and I are paying for it through our extortionate tax system based on the principal of “take from the poor and give to the rich”.


A few years ago, before New Zealand removed farming subsidies, 30,000 sheep were driven over cliffs to their deaths because they were ‘ worthless’ due to overproduction. This was in ‘God’s Own Country’, but unfortunately the lamb of God gets no protection there, unless the farmers can make a buck out of killing it.


Cruelty to animals is still an international sickness. An awful lie is perpetuated by the pet food manufactures, that you can prove you are an ‘Animal Lover’ by feeding your cats and dogs Meaty Chunks from the Supermarket. How can feeding one beautiful but very dead animal to your pampered pets make you an animal lover. The hypnotic power of 'Audience Compassion' is hard to believe sometimes.


In 2001 in the U.K. Dairy Farmers were seen on T.V. trying to win the sympathy of the British public by saying that it broke their hearts to have to shoot little calves only a few days old. They blamed this on the mean old government who had selfishly removed a subsidy of fifty pounds per calf, which they could previously use to fatten them up and then kill them when they were a few months old!


Veal and Ham pies are made of dead surplus Dairy calves. If you don’t know how “beautiful succulent white veal" is produced, ask your local Butcher. He will probably be too embarrassed to tell you because it is so violent that it is surprising it is still legal, even in the U.K., which is so proud of its century-old Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


To produce the delicacy of veal, first you take the calf from its mother when it is a few days old. Then you imprison it in a small wooden crate, which does not allow it enough room to turn around or move its limbs to create muscle tissue, which would be too tough for the connoisseurs. You leave the unfortunate animal in total darkness for a few months and then kill it before its flesh has lost its customary whiteness so beloved of gourmets the world over!

Some farmers have even tried to draw attention to their plight, by dumping the baby calves in public phone boxes, vet’s clinics’ and even the gardens of animal rights protestors. The arrogance of these people, who have been monopolizing the land and sponging of the public purse for decades, is amazing. But drawing attention to what happens to the baby Dairy calves has badly backfired on them, because now everybody knows that the Dairy industry is simply an extension of the Meat industry, and in many ways more cruel and damaging.

Every year in Australia alone 700,000 baby male calves are killed within days of being born because they are a worthless WASTE product,since they will never grow up to produce milk. Even if they are female they will only live for around 4 years until they become worn out milkers and have their throats cut before being passed on to the Abbatoir. The Dairy Industry IS the Meat Industry!


In truth, there is nothing ‘Vegetarian’ about the Dairy Industry, although most New Age or spiritual people are in permanent denial over that truth. Some observers have even gone as far as to refer to cow’s milk as ‘White Blood’.


It is estimated that up to 25% of the revenue of the European Union is given to farmers, an amount many times more than is given to unemployment claimants.


This diversion of our tax money into an empty hole makes everything we buy far more expensive than it could be. A heavily subsidized Litre of cows milk may appear cheap in the supermarket, simply because the real cost has been paid for by the consumer through taxes. If soy milk were also subsidized to the same extent it would cost a quarter of what we pay for cows milk, and young families with growing children would choose to buy it, thereby making themselves and their children a lot more healthy.The same applies to Rice milk,Oat milk,and the range of nutritious nutmilks now freely available.

The real cost of a litre of cows milk is the holes in the Ozone layer in the North and South Hemispheres, and the deaths of millions of people from Skin Cancer.


Fortunately for the growing numbers of people who care about animal welfare, and want to protect the countryside from this relentless damage, the squeals of the landowners are beginning to sound a bit dishonest and petulant.


Most government’s top priority is to keep people in situations which produce the maximum tax for the authorities. They choose to believe that they can look after us better than we can look after ourselves. This is the ‘School Prefect’ mentality of the average bureaucrat, which they have never grown out of.


In their mission to keep the masses herded into the cities in the U.K., the government has come up with many devious strategies, one of the most dishonest of which is the ‘Green Belt' regulations. This set of regulations pretends to protect the countryside against encroachment from the cities, so that the ‘Unspoilt beauty of the English countryside can be protected for the enjoyment of all. The problem with this strategy is, that it is obvious that the countryside in England has been reduced to little more than a Green Desert, covered with Livestock who continue to ruin it more and more for future generations. So it is really the monopoly of the countryside by the ruling elite which is being preserved.


As part of the Green Belt regulations, the British government came up with what must be one of the most dishonest laws ever enacted, which very cleverly ensured that once the countryside had been successfully depopulated through various social engineering laws, it could never be re-settled again by pioneers or self – sufficiency advocates, who after all don’t pay much tax.


They did this by declaring that once a building of any kind had lost it’s roof, it no longer existed as a building!


So somehow they were able to create an illusion that even though a building was standing there in front of your eyes , it did not actually exist , and it could therefore not be renovated or re- roofed, and therefore could no longer be lived in.


The Catch 22 for any potential country dweller who wanted to repair those buildings and therefore put another dwelling back into the system, was that, because the building. “no longer existed” it was necessary to apply for a totally new dwelling. And of course it is now illegal to construct new dwellings in the open countryside, because it has all been swallowed up by the Green Belt regulations.


If Governments across Europe stopped subsidising uneconomic farming practices and limited the amount of land an individual or company may own, it would cause the value of that land to drop enormously, making it available to the hundreds of thousands of people who would dearly love to move out of the cities and give their families a better life. But instead of looking after the population as a whole, governments have come up with the extremely devious policy of ‘Set Aside’. This simply means that now the European farmers are being paid taxpayers money to abandon a percentage of their farmland and allow it to regenerate into forest, thereby reducing the overproduction of food which had previously caused the milk lakes and meat mountains. So instead of the land naturally reverting to the ownership of the people through fair market forces, the general population is still being excluded from its own countryside by a tiny minority of landowners, who you have to admit are very smart indeed, when it comes to hoodwinking the voters, in what is supposed to be a fair minded Democracy. The farmers get to keep their monopoly over our land, and we get to pay them to do nothing on it!


There are currently twenty thousand homeless people living on the streets of London alone, and hundreds of thousands who are technically homeless or in temporary accommodation, which causes enormous stress on them and their families. But it is cheaper by far for the government to give taxpayer’s money to conservative landlords to house these people, than it is for them to risk a widespread allowance of home ownership for all, which would be very easily attainable, just by passing the simple law we spoke of earlier, which is to limit the amount of homes an individual can own to two or three, and limit the amount of land anyone can own to five hundred acres. That amount of land is enormous in itself, and you could fit a town of twenty thousand people in it, so you would not expect anyone to want to own more. But the nature of human greed is such that some people simply cannot stop the habit of acquiring more and more like some deranged Magpie, unless their activities are outlawed. Or unless the people form a Tenants Union and call a General Rent Strike! That would scare the hell out of the Housing Investors.


So we may well ask ourselves: “whose side are world governments on?” whether they call themselves Labour or Conservative. Given the sense of urgency felt by conscious people, to repair the damage done by past and present generations, this is a very sad situation. It means that the very people with the creative energy and vision, who should be looking after and regenerating Nature in the countryside, and who would dearly love to, are doomed to continue living in what to them is the nightmare of modern city life. The chances are they will also have to bring up their children in dangerous and polluted urban sprawl, which will destroy their young minds before they ever get to appreciate the trees and flowers which should be all around them, or the beauty of a campfire under a starlit night.

One day,hopefully not too far in the future,humans will look back in disgust at how we used to treat animals so violently and unconsciously,just as we now look back in horror at how white people,and to be honest some black people used to treat slaves.






It is amazing to think that not long ago

black people were believed to be

less intelligent than white people,

and could therefore be dispossessed

of their land and treated like cattle.