The Peaceful Vegan Revolution
By Charles Walker






You may have detected a certain amount of frustration in this book by now! And even an underlying sense of emergency! But what can you do if you see a baby crawling towards a fire,or a Tsunami threatening your fellow humans.You have to speak out! Well I own up to an extreme sense of urgency, but I would never advocate any kind of aggressive or violent action against the Establishment who are keeping this system alive. It is not their fault that they are asleep and hypnotized by the propaganda of fear put into their minds by their parents and teachers. Meeting violence with violence is not the way, at least not in the advanced western democracies. In many ways we are all to blame, and are keeping the system alive in subtle ways we are not even aware of.


If you fight directly with dinosaurs it just keeps them alert and keeps them alive for longer still. All violence is counter productive and causes a violent reaction, which is why Gandhi and Nelson Mandela were eventually able to free their people from the Tyranny of the English system, which even the English have not been able to do up to now. We are more evolved now, and there are much more subtle and effective ways of helping the Economic Rationalist Dinosaurs die out. You simply have to take their life blood away from them and allow them to waste away. They are tired now anyway and really want to lie down and give up, but their attachment to Power and Control, just like any dictator, prevents them from trusting that the new system will forgive them and allows them to retire in peace. They do not understand a simple law of life, that if all the Abundance of the earth is shared, there is more than enough for everyone, and it is unnecessary to hoard wealth like a paranoid squirrel, in their childish share portfolios or property empires.


The life-blood of the Dinosaurs, as we have seen, is their control over the land, and the power that gives them to keep the masses in economic slavery. Remember that there are an estimated 1.2 BILLION cattle on this Earth, and even in the green and rich grasslands of Europe, it still takes 5 acres to sustain one Beef or Dairy cow, and each animal prevents the regeneration of around 5000 trees.


So if you want to reclaim your land from the ruling elite and help heal the Ozone Layer by reforesting the earth, you know what to do, cut down or cut out meat and dairy products. Otherwise we must stop whingeing, as the Aussies say, because it is clearly ourselves who are keeping us in economic slavery by paying our masters to repress us. Strange but true.


The French Revolution cut off the heads of the Ruling Elite, and then perpetuated the same systems of Power and Control under different management, but the good old English peasantry is a bit less hot headed, even 200 years later, and the English Establishment is taking a lot longer to unseat.


 “Carry on in quiet desperation is the English way” say Pink Floyd. It is a little less painful to cut off their money supply rather than their heads, and they will thank us for it in the end.


There is no time for blame and punishment against the perpetrators any more. We just have to get on with it and heal the psychological diseases which are destroying our Home Planet while we still have time.




“And in the end, the Love you make,

is equal to the Love you take”

George Harrison


Simply stated, the Law of Karma says that, “Whatever you do returns at last to you" The evidence for this is the enormous amount of mental and physical disease humans cause themselves, by perpetrating violence on all the other species of animals they share the planet with.


It is not a coincidence that all forms of Cancer are many times more prevalent in humans of all races who eat meat and dairy products. The figures are undeniable. Humans who eat dairy products and eggs, but not flesh foods, have only about half the incidence of cancerous diseases and deaths of those who eat meat. But interestingly, humans who don’t consume dairy products or any foods derived from animals have only half the amount again of lacto/ova vegetarians.


In other words, meat eaters have 4 times the incidence of cancer per capita than vegans, and twice the incidence than vegetarians.


People who eat no animal products at all have much stronger immune systems in general than meat or dairy eaters. This is very easy to see when the regular flu epidemics sweep over Europe. This is never truer if we understand the Vegans contract Flu far less than the general population, and when they do catch it, it usually only lasts a few days.


When you think about this it is not so strange. MUCUS is quite simply body-building material, and if the body in question has enough for its needs it will simply excrete the surplus, and it is well known that animal fats and dairy products in particular are simply loaded with Mucus. The cellular makeup of animal foods is far more sticky and viscous than plant foods. This means that when it enters the blood of the recipient it makes it much thicker than it should be, and the person’s circulation is slowed down dramatically, thereby encouraging the build-up of arterial plaque, causing Arteriosclerosis.


Effectively what is happening is that the body of a meat eater is playing host to the slowly rotting bodies of the animals they have consumed, stuck to the inner walls of the intestines, in particular the Colon. As the great vegetarian George Bernard Shaw put it, “There will never be peace in this World so long as we make our bodies the graves of innocent animals”.


It is therefore not surprising, that Viruses as a whole, would gain much more nourishment from the host body of a meat or dairy eater. Conversely the immune system of a pure vegetarian is twice as cytotoxic as that of a person who eats animal foods, meaning that the types of killer cells in their blood which prevent Cancer are twice as potent. This is amusing in some ways because vegans tend to pride themselves that they would never kill any living thing! It would be hilarious to listen to a debate between vegans of both sexes where the proposed motion is:


“Does the house agree that a blow – job is not strictly vegan, and should therefore not be practiced by those on a strict vegan diet”.


I think there would be a lot of disappointed vegans around, but maybe most of them male. The fact is that it is impossible to live on this Earth and have a body and not kill any living thing. Every time we breathe millions of organisms die so that we can live. And of course every step we take crushes a great many hapless victims. Do these organisms have any more right to life than a week old Foetus?


Hard-line Jainas in India do their best by wearing muslin facemasks, so they don’t breathe in any stray creatures up their nose, and sweep the path before them to avoid stepping on ants or anything else reckless enough to be on the same path! Their original Guru, Mahavira, would probably be gobsmacked at the lifestyle of a modern Jaina. He never cut his hair or beard, and lived naked because he considered clothes to be unnatural! I think he would be very sad to find that even modern day Australian Hippies, who love being naked and letting it all hang out, have to cover up their skin these days, and can only lie on the beach for fifteen minutes at a time, to protect themselves from harmful U.V. in the sun’s rays, caused by the hole in the Ozone Layer. Poor old Mahavira would probably die of Skin Cancer if he were alive today and refused to change his Dogma. And so, of course, shall we, particularly those of us born with lily-white skin.


Black people, particularly those of African origin, are far luckier, having so much Melanin pigment in their skin, designed to protect against damage by the sun, although they too are still at risk to a lesser extent. It is truly ironic that most of the pollution caused by technological progress and burning fossil fuels is caused by the quarter of the world’s population who live in Europe, America, and Russia, who mostly have white skin. They will be the first to die of skin cancer and other immune deficiency diseases, unless they collectively decide to simplify their lives and adopt a less destructive lifestyle. A perfect example of the Law of Karma, operating on a global scale. Whatever damage you do returns at last to you.


At first it would seem highly unlikely that within 200 years a quarter of the human race could have destroyed a large portion of the protective shield around the earth, which had taken billions of years to develop. But when you calculate mathematically how much damage a single unaware human can do, you start to see the gargantuan collective power of the human race.


A simple equation can illustrate this:

(a) One meat and dairy eater consumes approximately 5 cows in their lifetime in the form of meat, and consumes the produce of another 5 cows in the form of butter, cheese, yoghurt, and milk. Total: 10 Cows


(b) Each cow displaces approximately 5000 trees during its lifetime. So each human on an animal food diet is responsible for destroying or displacing 50,000 trees, which would otherwise regenerate on the land vacated by domestic cattle.


(c) One tree removes at least one ton of Carbon Dioxide from the air during its lifetime.


(d) Therefore every human on an animal food diet is responsible for dumping 50,000 tons of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere during their lifetime. This makes them pretty heavy litterbugs, and should make them liable to a fine of rather more than $100.


So let’s celebrate! We are finally powerful enough to destroy all life on earth simply by having a traditional English breakfast.


The real and exciting challenge we face, and test of our intelligence, is can we undo what we have done, and stop adding to our horrendous and violent record.






So sang The Beatles in the 1970’s, and to their credit they all became Vegetarians along the way. Bob Dylan, one of the great poets and visionaries of our time, also became vegetarian, and started to produce a series of happy and positive songs, such as New Morning, and If Not For You, perhaps to make up for depressing the hell out of us with his earlier stuff! But his sense of humour always remained, despite his enormous social conscience.


The list of well known role models who have also changed to a cruelty- free diet grows daily, and includes such unlikely bedfellows as Leonardo Da Vinci, Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders, Madonna, Albert Einstein, Gandhi, Buddha, Kylie and Danny Minogue, Bob Geldorf, and Leo Tolstoy , and John Robbins and Benjamin Zephania, to name but a few.


The list goes on, and is growing so fast that it will soon catapult us into the next era of human history: The Age of Peaceful coexistence, The Age of Loving Kindness, The Aquarian Age.


Have you got the intelligence and commitment to change your diet? Of course you have, and you will live a lot longer and be a lot happier as a result. Most wonderful of all you will know that you are jointly responsible for bringing about The Vegan Revolution, we have been striving for since the beginning of time.


Fortunately, the horrible practice of branding slaves,

as just another chattel, has passed, but we still

condone the same barbarous practice on animals,

which are considered just so much ‘meat on the hoof’.