The Peaceful Vegan Revolution
By Charles Walker





The Golden Key to Personal Happiness and Global Prosperity.

Avoiding Mental Burnout Through Environmental Paranoia.


Awareness is the way out of our dilemma, and increased awareness is available to almost everyone who chooses to look for it. We need to understand that without a doubt the process of wringing more and more profit out of the World’s resources will inevitably lead to the breakdown of our Ecosystem in the early decades of the 21st Century.


We are killing the Goose that lays the Golden Egg , because we have our values completely upside down. Men and women worship gold and diamonds and imagine they are rich. They have gone for the quick fix of satisfaction through Power and Control, rather than the much greater wealth which comes from being surrounded by abundant Love and carrying within us a healthy bank balance of contentment and bliss.


"Surdas the gardener,his mind concerned with Gold,

Drops the Sacred Flower,

And his life is bought and sold".


The majority of people now have so little Love in their lives that they have resorted to buying it from each other. But we cannot pick fruit from a withered tree, and all we will get in return for our bribery, is respect, loyalty, and allegance out of fear, not Unconditional Love, which is what we are all longing for.


Love is the answer we all seek, but our fear of being exploited, manipulated, or hurt, makes us continuously push away those who seek to give us their Love. We are now not even allowed to hug our fellow workers, particularly in offices, which are the classic hotbeds of sexual tension. Instead we have to content ourselves with respect and polite conversation, if we don’t want to be accused of sexual harassment. Obviously it is wrong to actually harass a colleague sexually, but innocent flirting, which may also involve a degree of innuendo, is a time honoured and valuable part of human interaction, and it is a great shame that it has become virtually illegal in recent times. Perhaps one day we will be allowed to play again with one another, with the innocent enjoyment of the child we once were.


The real riches of the World are the abundant gifts of Nature, always freely given and replenished, at least while man does not interfere with the Natural Order.


The Beauty of the sunrise and sunset. The endless variety of colours in the flowers, birds, trees, animals, and people. How rich a child feels with her little store of seashells gathered with wonder on the beach. How much greater is the value of the stars shining in the night than any Tiara worn by a Queen?


We are all millionaires and so much more. We have all these things so we cannot trade them for profit, but we lose our appreciation of them. We take a brief glimpse of the sunset and try to feel some joy if we can fit it into our busy schedule.


It is said that there are three ways of looking at a flower. First the Merchant’s way: “How much can I get for this piece of merchandise if I cut it down and take it to market? Secondly, the intellectual approach:" Oh yes, everyone, I know what this species is, it’s an Orchidopholus Elephatitis " or some other nutty pedantic Latin name. And thirdly, there is the way of the Innocent child, simple gazing in Wonder at the beautiful bright colours and fragrance of this Jewel in the magic Garden of the Earth.


I dreamed I saw the bombers

Riding shotgun in the sky

Turning into Butterflies above the nation

We are stardust, we are Golden

And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the Garden


Joni Mitchell


How wonderful it would be if we could become like children again, and rediscover that lost dreamworld our parents were always trying to snap us out of. “Come back to Earth “ they would say, or“Stop staring out of the window and concentrate on your lessons!“


As adults we have seriously lost our way and travelled a long way from the here and now in our search for respectability and acceptance by our peers. But we are luckier in some ways than the children, because now we have the added insights of many years of experience, and probably much struggle and pain. So if we can now drop all that and free ourselves from our grown up responsibilities, anxieties, and duties, we can re-enter the wonderland that maybe we only dimly remember as something beautiful but now lost forever.


But it is not lost at all! It is still right there, all around us. Its just that many layers of dust are covering our eyes.



Anyone can meditate, you just sit down in a quite place and breath consciously,forget about your worries and anxieties for 20 minutes or more.You will solve them much more easily later on.


There is a process whereby we can regain the innocence of a child, and combine it with the insights of the level of awareness that normally only comes with experience. And the benefits of this natural process appear to be endless as we become more and more familiar with it.


Children have this experience many times a day without knowing it, or really understanding its potential. Why bother them with the complexities of a practice best left to grown ups. Children call it daydreaming, and what they do is almost identical to the practice of spiritual and physical rejuvenation discovered by the ancient Rishis of India and other cultures, called Meditation.


As well as meditation, some call the process Prayer, some call it Contemplation, Navel Gazing, reflection, or whatever. Regardless of it’s name, it is the gradual dropping of the noisy, bossy mind, stepping outside of it, and breaking its hold over us for a little while, even if it is just 15 or 20 minutes.


Its like reclaiming a small part of the day back from the Robot we have become, and saying firmly to the chattering Mind, “Look! I am stepping out of time for a little while, and I don’t want to be disturbed by you or anything else, O.K?”


Of course at first the Mind doesn’t like this at all. It is accustomed to be listened to and obeyed, and it knows very well that if we find a kinder, warmer source of inspiration – such as our heart – it may lose its willing slave. It may even lose it’s job altogether! So we have to be a little crafty with our Minds. We cant just say “Stop, Get out!,” or alienate it too much. It thinks it has become our Master for ever, and if we choose to fight with it, it will simply drag us all over town and leave us bleeding in the gutter. Not many people are even aware that their subconscious has created what is almost a separate entity, which was supposed to be a servant, but ended up learning how to lead us by the nose, like H.A.L. the renegade computer, in Stanley Kubrick’s movie, 2001., which got a little taste of power and took control of the whole spaceship.


Meditation is a tremendous pleasure, and the regular practice of either passive traditional Vipassana type breathing techniches or more dramatic wake up methods such as Dynamic Meditation devised by Osho can bring you to a level of sensitivity which will transform your whole life into a very pleasurable experience. And fortunately it is very easy to meditate. 




Because our over-schooling and emphasis on intellectual performance and competition, to prove how intelligent we are, or show our neighbours how bright our kids are, our minds have become like an overdeveloped muscle which constantly demands exercise. The obsessive thirst for knowledge and intellectual status has turned into a kind of perversion, and we are now practicing a form of psychological child abuse, by forcing them to absorb more and more worthless garbage with the justification that it will make them more successful as human beings; In the hallowed work force, of course.


That well respected monster mind we have created goes on chattering all kinds of rubbish in our heads, robbing us of any real relaxation, even in sleep. So is it really any wonder that our children are turning more and more to mind numbing drugs and alcohol binging to try and turn off the crazy monkey in their head. People only resort to getting stoned because society has robbed them of their naturally available endorphins through stress.

Alcohol,Marihuana,and chemical drugs act like a sledgehammer to bash the mind into silence. The problem is that once the anaesthetic wears off our nervous system is so brutalised and damaged that we fall prey to Depression and other forms of negativity because our ability to breathe deeply and absorb life-giving oxygen is depleted. Depression is really just a physical condition whereby the pressure from without is greater than the pressure from within.Hence the nervous system is physically depressed.


If we can put our minds at rest before going to sleep we would be able to wake up refreshed on the new day without dragging a burden of accumulated stress, anxiety, and guilt around on our shoulders.


Most people find that the best time to meditate is shortly after waking. They simply sit up in their nice warm bed with a pillow behind their back, cross their legs, and drift away. Not back into sleep of course, but into the soft euphoric state of bliss which is always there waiting for us to experience, if we take the trouble to tune into it. If you prefer you can do it in a big comfortable armchair with your ankles crossed on a cushion, but preferably without shoes. Yogi-style on the floor with or without a back support is fine, but don’t think it is necessary to sit in the Lotus position, unless you are very young and have extremely supple joints. Otherwise you will just unnecessarily damage your delicate ankles and other muscles.


When you have become as comfortable as possible, start to become aware of your breathing. If you find you are breathing too quickly or shallowly, you are probably only getting the bare minimum of benefit from your breath. Breath is Life, and the more efficient and vitality you will have in your life. The more truly wealthy you will become.


So when you feel you have adjusted your breathing to a deep enough level, just drop any feeling of control over it, while remaining aware of it happening to you in the most efficient way. Keeping your awareness on your breath also serves as a non-disturbing focus for your consciousness , rather than it always being diverted by the Mind. The introduction of a non verbal,internal, and meaningless but soothing Sanskrit Mantra,such as taught by Maharishi's Trancendental Meditation is also useful at first.


Thoughts are bound to come, but we do not have to get drawn in by them, or allow them to monopolise the healing energy we are generating through meditation for our whole being. Visualise those thoughts as white clouds passing by in a vast empty blue sky. Let them pass by, without trying to resist them or argue with them. If they are annoyingly persistent, and insist you deal with them, perhaps just write them down minimally in a notebook and then forget all about them.


As you go deeper into Meditation, some surprising, long forgotten thoughts or anxieties may surface, which you would perhaps prefer to forget or avoid. This is the main reason why ‘normal’ people avoid Meditation, because they know that every nasty and negative thought available to humans is inside them too, and they don’t have the courage to face the darker side of their nature.


But the whole point is that in Meditation, our subconscious gets the opportunity to process and ‘exorcise’ many negative memories and traumas which may be trapped as ‘tapes’ in the deep recesses of our minds, where they can carry on subtly draining our positivity, and frightening us with underlying feelings of fear and dread. Meditation can slowly erase these past tapes so we can move on into the positive here and now we are supposed to be enjoying.


This does not mean that Meditation is a tool for Denial, but rather it is a means of seeing clearly what we have done and helping us to learn from our successes and failures and move on.


At first we may need to gradually replace our thoughts with pleasant images of things we love or which inspire us. Perhaps the mental image of a beautiful Rose flower shimmering in the early morning dew, or the smiling face of someone we love. We can also imagine a meaningless, but soothing Mantra or inner sound, such as the ancient AUM used for thousands of years by Himalayan mystics, can be repeated silently to the rhythm of our breath. We can just allow these helping hands to massage and stroke our tired nerves. Whatever method we use to start with is fine, so long as we begin to feel the life-giving healing energies spread out from our overburdened old heads and expanding themselves throughout our entire bodies, and healing our inner being.


Meditation should be like a refreshing shower in the Waterfall of Life, cleaning us and revitalising our natural energy.


Just a few minutes put aside out of our busy day is enough to start with- no need to force anything. And by and by the time will increase simply because we enjoy it so much and we feel so good when we come out of our reverie. It is so inspiring to discover that we have an apparently unlimited supply of fresh energy inside us.


Many people say that up until their first experience of Meditation they had never truly relaxed in their whole life, although they thought they had. They may have tried to relax with a book, a drink, a cigarette, or a movie, but never by just sinking into the bliss of their inner being. Really, when we Meditate we are rediscovering our true being, our original face, what we were like as a baby- innocent and free from opinions, morals, etiquette, and all the garbage society forced into our heads while it was making us grow up too quickly. So now we can just drop out of existence for a while and rest. The world will still be there a little later, no need to worry, but then you can look at it through fresh eyes, and deal with it with clarity and an uncluttered head.


Try it in the garden sometime, or in a quiet and peaceful park sitting under a tree, and you will find that afterwards the grass really IS greener!


Hidden within us is a secret treasure chest of Love. It’s a bit like the magic purse which keeps filling up with money again whenever it’s owner spends the contents. In this treasure chest are unlimited supplies of happiness, joy, excitement, ecstasy, friendliness, love, and all the other aspects of the abundant life- force we have access to once we have found the golden key. It seems we do not really find that key, but rather it is shown to us when existence feels we are ready to recognise that it has always been inside us. When our eyes are open enough and our ears are ready to hear, we will be given Natures friendly advice. We seem to have a cosmic clock inside us which determines that up until a certain time we have to suffer and learn until we find our way out of the maze of confusion.


So Meditation fills up our reservoir of Love. And more than that it gives us plenty left over to share with each other. Who bothers to fight when they feel surrounded by love? Anger, frustration, and hatred are really just perverted forms of love. If we cannot find free expression for our love it just stagnates inside us and turns stale, transforming into bitterness and hate.


It is very much a vicious circle, because who is going to want to love us if we go on putting out negativity? The solution lies within us. The more we share, the more will come our way. The currency of the Heart works in entirely the opposite way to the currency of the Market Place.


As we become more positive and full of love, other people feel more able to share their love with us without fear of being hurt, and slowly we feel relaxed and supported enough for our thoughts to expand into previously hidden areas of our consciousness. Twinges of compassion start creeping in as we see more clearly the cruelty and exploitation of people and animals around us. But most importantly we come to understand that all those slave drivers and killers all around us are just like us, except that they have not yet been lucky enough to wake up to what they are doing. Under normal historical circumstances we might think that it is none of our business how long other people take to wake up, but at this time in history we have to make it our business and become proactive in educating at least those people who are able to hear. After all we cannot evolve any further if we have no trees left to sit under, no birds to listen to, or no streams to lie beside.