Please see the links to the book THE PEACEFUL VEGAN REVOLUTION for a more detailed explanation why we feel so strongly to establish this community as soon as possible.  CHAPTER SEVEN is best.



These are possible properties in France that we are looking at for the Community








Charlie Walker (above) is currently working on establishing the community, but many friends have expressed the wish to join in once a suitable new venue is found. We currently have about half the funds we need, which is why we are putting out the invitation to new like-minded friends to join with us.

Paula Young (above) contributed her receipes for the book 'THE PEACEFUL VEGAN REVOLUTION' which can be read on this website.Her catering company TITBITS is located in Brighton England and she can be contacted on veganchef@live.co.uk


 For information about the community please contact Charlie Walker on the email adress below.


We are setting up Abundance Vegan Meditation Community partly for the enjoyment of the process, but mainly because it seems absolutely obvious to us, as long term Vegans, that such a learning centre where caring and committed   people can live together and support each others aspirations, is very much needed at this time in history.



Simply because no other way of living is sustainable ecologically on a planet of more than seven billion people, and we don't have very much time left to share the information about  changing our lifestyle.  We have to do it very soon.

Vegans often feel isolated in normal society, so we want to provide a place where we can live and work together, and share our Love and support more easily. Perhaps we will be far more effective in getting our message across more quickly, which really does seem quite urgent now. (Without wishing to sound fanatical of course!) Vegans generally have a higher level of Compassion for each other and are therefore far more likely to be able to cooperate in community over a long period,so the community does not have to deal with too much unecessary personality clashing which so often happens in normal society.



Because people who practice  some kind of meditation do so in order to harmonise their own consciousness and help each other to  grow more effectively than people who are solely living through their minds. If you really want to learn how to meditate, come and stay with us. It's very simple and just needs an open heart. You can learn to meditate in one hour if you are really open minded, but getting real results may take a little longer.

We want to stress that the meditation aspect of our lives is non-sectarian, meaning that we are open to all aspects of the path to understanding and do not want to be specifically aligned to a particular teacher or tradition, valuable though that may be for different people at different times in their lives.  Raving devotees may be tolerated for short stays only!

If you are a Vegan or a Meditator you will know what we mean, so we hope you will understand why it is necessary to have these two pillars as the foundation of the community. It has nothing to do with wanting to be special or exclusive. It just means we feel we have no time to talk endlessly about how to save the planet. But we do want to have fun doing it.


We certainly don't want a serious or dogmatic community, but we also don't want to spend too much time dealing with each others psychological problems. Obviously we still have problems to work through, since none of us is enlightened yet, as far as we know, but living alongside other meditators makes it a whole lot easier to solve those problems and help each other move on, and tolerate each others weird bits.


E-mail  abundancevegan@yahoo.co.nz   for further information  Thats nz at the end not uk! 

Charlie will be in France or Australia .





You can buy your own private and permanent residential Apartment, cottage, cabin, or just separate Bedroom in the community, if you want it to be your home and you want to be a full partner with us. You will be able to earn some income from it also if you are not resident at different times.

The various costs will depend on the purchase price of the property and how many sharers want to be involved at the beginning. A rough guide would be:

If we buy a ten bedroom castle or Manor House for 500,000 Euros between ten sharers then it will cost around 50,000 Euros each.

A million Euro Castle shared between twenty would also be 50,000 Euros each, and so on–. We expect to eventually have a venue capable of housing fifty or more adults but are willing to start off with a smaller place and work up to it after a couple of years.For example there is a beautiful smallholding with a 5 bedroom renovated farmhouse and enormous 2 storey barn big enough to become 3 apartments and a healing centre,together with other stone outbuildings,2 hours north of the Meditteranean in Aveyron available now for 200,000 Euros,so we could buy that with just 2 more part owners with 50,000 Euros each. That is a very beautiful place high in the hills with spectacular views just 5 kilometers from Espalion,a lovely medieval town on the River Lot with local markets and many opportunities to make a living.

Charlie has also looked at 2 Castles big enough to house ten apartments for between 750K and 1 m Euros. That means about 75K Euros for your own apartment in a medieval Castle or about 40K Euros for your own private room for permanent living.


Obviously these figures are completely flexible ,but clearly any one person wanting to be a full member will need to have around 50,000 Euros, or possibly half that amount if we can work out time shares.


Ideally we hope to find a big enough building or group of buildings to enable everyone to have a private apartment as well as access to communal kitchens swimming pool, games facilities and therapy rooms ,and of course  a quiet meditation area. Plus outbuildings to enable residents to set up businesses if they so wish.


Paula is a very experienced and inspiring Vegan Chef ,currently running her own Vegan Catering buisness called TITBITS in Brighton, England. You can contact her at email: veganchef@live.co.uk She has been the Head Chef at the largest Vegetarian Hotel in England, Lancrigg, in Grasmere, in the Lake District of the U.K.

Charlie's priorities are to have a large swimming pool and a cinema, since watching movies is one of his favourite meditations! He was a founder member of Gondwana Meditation Community in Byron Bay, Australia, which is still going strong after twenty years.


What's on your wish list?   Please let us know what YOU want in the community.

We want the community to be run collectively.without a specific Leader,and we have found this works perfectly well so long as preagreed guidelines are agreed to and signed up to legally. The most important of course is that members need to be committed Vegans.


To alleviate the fears of people who have not previously lived in a co-housing situation and are understandably nervous about doing so, we will have a legal framework to enable anyone to sell out after a reasonable period of probably two years, if they no longer feel at home.


The price of property in France seems to be stable or reducing now but the sooner we get enough committed sharers the better, to keep the price down. In any event 50,000 Euros is not that much to get out of the rent trap and get to live and cooperate with a friendly and open bunch of like-minded Vegans.




At this point in our lives we have decided very clearly that we do not have the time to be involved in bringing up children or dealing with the inevitable struggles of fitting teenagers and other young people into a meditative space.Findhorn also came to the same conclusion.We feel that if we want to put our energy into saving the planet for our children we need to have the time and space to educate others to live in a new way which they can then share with their children. Children really need to choose their own way without having it forced on them and experience has shown that many children of vegans rebel against it, however gentle their parents may have been. So we only want to cooperate with mature Vegans who know for sure  they are established  in their thinking, and know they will not fight against the community following that way of living if they themselves should change back to being a carnivore . We will have to have a contract with sharers to ensure that they keep to that understanding, in order to protect other sharers from the watering down of the group ethics, which can be very upsetting.However we dont want to exclude people under the age of sixteen from coming to stay for limited periods from time to time.




We want the new community to be a Sanctuary for Wildlife who can feel safe in our gardens without fear of attack from domestic Dogs and Cats.However harmless the owners may feel their pets are the wildlife does not know that and they cower in fear anyway,and often abort or eat their young if they feel threatened by Dogs and Cats.

We do understand the enormous benefits for some people having companion animals, but we have also found that the presence particularly of cats and dogs is terrifying to the local wildlife, like a Tiger would be to humans in the area. So we will not be having domestic pets on the property. Pet Rats maybe! And possibly a Llama or two to keep down the grass, and save days of soul- destroying and polluting lawnmowing. Llama's feet do not destroy the soil structure in the same way that cloven hoofed animals do. A pity since cows are such lovely creatures. We recognise the wonderful work many Vegans do with rescue Dogs and Cats,and we ask them to understand that it is not possible to mix even rescue Cats and Dogs with indigenous Wildlife..



Since we want to establish a community of meditators without taking it too seriously, it almost goes without saying that we do not want people to become sharers if any kind of narcotic drugs still play a part in their lives, including Marihuana, Coke, etc.

We really don't want to have too many rules or restrictions on anyone's behaviour, but past experiences have shown us that even soft drugs, whether legal or not have the effect of lowering the energy of a community,and making the users of the narcotics reactive and difficult to get on with and have clear headed meetings with to solve everyday issues.

Having said that we feel that alcohol and tobacco in moderation is perfectly O.K. as long as you don't have a bunch of drunks rolling around the Castle Banqueting Hall! One thing is for sure, we will be getting stuck in to a few bottles of French Champagne before this time next year when we move in to the new venue!

Tobacco will only be allowed outside.

We have found in the past that if there is not a pre- arranged  set of agreements which sharers sign up to, there is no way of knowing what people really believe in. It also helps everyone to focus on what they really want.  "She'll be right mate", has been the downfall of most Australian attempts at cooperative living.

So if you want to join in, have a very good sense of humour, and have a reasonable sum definitely available within the next six to nine months, please get in touch  NOW so we can arrange a meeting somehow.




You are very welcome to read the book THE PEACEFUL VEGAN REVOLUTION for free but we would very much appreciate a small donation of 2 British Pounds or the equivalent or whatever you feel,as a donation towards establishing the new Vegan Sanctuary,which has so far cost many thousands of pounds.

Click here to read the book: THE PEACEFUL VEGAN REVOLUTION