The Peaceful Vegan Revolution
By Charles Walker






Ours is an incredibly beautiful Planet. There surely cannot be a greater miracle than the Earth in the whole universe. Perhaps the only greater miracle is that Existence went on to produce us and all our fellow beings and give us life so that we can enjoy her beauty and the wonderful experience of just Being Alive..


But it seems that at this point in evolution not enough of the human race have yet realized the priceless gift they have, and Mother Earth may well be wondering if she has produced a species too intelligent and too ruthless for its own good.


Those of us who have not been asleep for the last twenty-five years must have realised that humanity now stands on the edge of the last abyss. This is really the End Game for humanity: unless we wake up and direct our energy to repairing the colossal damage we have done to the Earth.

There are now only two possible futures for the human race and most of the other species, which live on and below the surface of what may be the most beautiful place in the whole Universe.


One future is a dark, desperate, and hungry one, which will see almost everyone living a wretched, dangerous and subhuman existence, as is even today endured by a third of humanity, thanks to the greed and cruelty of the bulk of the other two thirds, namely the powerful Western countries and their allies. Insecurity and the lust for power have driven the expansion of the "Great" empires of the past to exploit their weaker neighbours, and this is still the Dominant Paradigm. Starvation and depravation in parts of Africa, India, and South America is directly related to the economic and agricultural practices of the West.


The vital difference today, is that we have reached a point where the side effects of these primitive systems are destroying the Global Ecosystem we all depend on. Rich and poor, East and West, we cannot live without the protective Ozone Layer around the Earth, we cannot live in the fast expanding deserts, and we cannot live on chemicals and poisoned water.


BUT fortunately, however, there is another possible, and, I would dare to say more probable Future. This will come about through a peaceful Revolution of the heart:The Vegan Revolution, which we could also call the Golden Future. A future so rich, enjoyable and abundant that many of us will hardly believe that it could happen, or that we deserve it.


We all have a vision of this Golden Future in the innocence of our hearts, but so far we have been prevented from realizing our dreams by the inevitable blunders of evolution and of course the paralysing restrictions put upon us by those more powerful and even more greedy and insecure than we are. But millions of years of struggle and pain will certainly bring it's reward and produce the conditions necessary for personal and collective liberation, harmony and love, which is after all what we really want if we can step out of survival mode for long enough to see it.


The reason why the second possible future is much more likely to come about is that the human race, although at times greedy and selfish, has an overriding instinct built into its genes, even stronger than the will to gain power and wealth. And that is the instinct to Survive. And that is why all Nations, and all classes, and all races will increasingly look from now on for ways to help each other to live sustainably on the Earth. In other words we will learn to share and sustain the Earth's resources simply because we have to. And so before long, perhaps even within twenty years, we will find ourselves living in The Vegan Revolution, and enjoying the happiness and security it can bring to all the species of the world, not just humans.


The simple fact that Barack Obama was elected to the worlds most powerful position,shows that the human race has made a great jump away from its old blind prejudices and is a great reason to hope. ,whatever you may think about his politics.

The fact that since the horrors of Mad Cow Disease and the Foot and Mouth epidemic hit England,there are now  12 million Vegetarians and half a million Vegans in the U.K. alone,which is one in five people,is another enormous jump in evolution towards compassion. Once people saw the huge funeral pyres of millions of innocent cattle burning all over the English countryside they realised they just could not go on supporting the barbaric meat and dairy industries any more.



”The Earth is our Mother, we must take care of her “ may be an often repeated New Age refrain, but we ignore that simple advice at our peril.


Unlike our birth mother, who brings us into the world and nourishes us until we are independent, Mother Earth is permanently nourishing and taking care of us, to the extent that it is almost impossible to imagine a more perfect system for sustaining life – for both humans and all other species.


So the Earth deserves our utmost gratitude, not only for giving us Life in the first place, but also for making it possible for us to enjoy it, often for an incredible span of up to one hundred years or more.

This amazing ability to live a long and healthy life is becoming normal now in developed countries, at the beginning of the 21st Century, and many scientists predict that most cancers will be treatable and not life threatening by around 2020. For half the world’s population at least, the days are gone when life was ‘Tough, brutal, and short.’ As we slowly learn to treat each other with more love and respect, the richer nations will undoubtedly reach out to help their poorer neighbours conquer poverty and disease.


It is now very obvious that poverty is the companion of overpopulation in the so called Third World, and that education for all will result in a stabilization and eventual reduction in global population, as is already happening in the most highly educated countries.


The most striking examples of this are Germany and Italy, where the birth rate is now below replacement at 1.3 children per couple. Perhaps the Holy Father does us all a favour by constantly bringing up the subject of contraception, while being so obviously ignorant of family life himself, or the pressures that go with being a real father. And clearly Catholic Mothers have had enough of being used as baby machines, wearing themselves out and becoming prematurely old by the continuous stress of parenting. “Churning out chubbies for the Church” as it was once so wisely described.


But overpopulation can also cause a kind of Cancer of the Soul, a poverty of spirit so often present in the faces of some city dwellers. On a recent trip to London, I was amazed to find it had become the second most expensive city in the world, and that around 8 million desperate souls were competing fiercely to hang on to their little patch of it, cramming themselves into nightmarish subterranean tubes, or enduring the frustration and noise of traffic in the little private bubble of their car, or on ridiculously expensive public buses. A great example of government highway robbery.


Sadly the Yuppie “socialist” government has forgotten that people get old and weak, and that some of us are not clever or ruthless enough to cope with the modern economic rationalist Megalopolis.


Most native Londoners can no longer afford a home of their own and are being forced out, particularly if they are weak and old, by greedy and ruthless “Housing Investment” entrepreneurs. These sharks snap up anything which comes on to the property market, with their fat wallets and low interest loans, tart it up a bit, and then rent it out at extortionate rates to the struggling wage slaves, who have no choice but to comply, or they too will end up on the streets with the twenty thousand forgotten souls who sleep rough every night throughout the so called United Kingdom.


One simple law would solve this problem and break the stranglehold the landlords and the Ruling Elite now have over the working poor, who struggle to pay their ever spiralling rents and mortgages. The so called “Labour” governments around the world, who claim to care about the people who voted them into power, should simply legislate that no individual or corporation shall have the right to own more than two homes, which would allow for a certain amount of voluntary renting by students holidaymakers and people who for whatever reason choose not to own a home. This would put millions of homes back on to the market and into the housing pool, thereby reducing their price to a sane and “affordable” level. Multiple landlords who have so far lived off the sweat of others will simply have to lump it or perhaps join the workers and start making an honest contribution.


A similar law placing a ceiling of perhaps 500 acres on the amount of land an individual, family or corporation can own would free up untold millions of acres worldwide, which have been monopolized by the Aristocracy and those who imitate them for centuries. This land was stolen by force from the people anyway by the armies and police forces of the Kings and Queens, and later the Parliamentarians, by such means as the English Enclosure Laws, and by simple grants of Common land by the monarchs to their most “Loyal”, or cruel and ruthless Robber Barons, the Mafia of their time.


Only a very small percentage of voters would oppose such a law because only about 5% of the population globally own 95% of the land. Clearly a Medieval hangover, which needs to be abolished.


A complete review of the current global land ownership laws and agricultural practices is long overdue, since they have resulted in the destruction of 97% of the world’s natural forests already. There is no more time left for the luxury of personality clashes and wars over philosophy or religion. We have to grow up emotionally and cooperate wholeheartedly in the regeneration of the earth’s forests and other resources. Otherwise the desert sands could very soon be blowing through our own front door, and more of us than we could imagine could come to know the reality of hunger and thirst. The ironic scenes of North American refugees trying to escape into Mexico in the movie The Day After Tomorrow are not as unlikely as some believe. And it is equally probably that Australian Boat People will be begging the Indonesian and Timorese governments for asylum because the graziers have finally succeeded in turning the whole of Australia into a desert.


The above scenario becomes more and more credible as each year passes.Vast areas of Australia are becoming regularly drought declared and summer temperatures are reaching 42 degrees Celcius! How much more warning do intelligent people need before they wake up?.  

The Australian bushfires get worse and worse each year and kill more and more people.This is happening because the Native forests have been cut down to provide grazing for cows and sheep,so the suns heat is no longer absorbed and rainclouds are no longer produced by the original rainforests,which are often superceded by feral Eucalyptus,which is extremely fire-prone.


Rising sea levels are directly linked to human consumption of Dairy products and Meat.This is because of the mass destruction of forests such as the Amazon to produce feed for feedlot cows in North America and around the world.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicted in 2011 a probable rise in sea levels of 1 metre and a possible rise of 1.6 metres by 2100.This possibility alone is phenominally dangerous for the worlds population but again it can be avoided if enough intelligent humans wake up now and stop eating meat and dairy products.It is such an easy change to make in a persons diet because there are now so many healthy alternatives available,and more importantly we can save perhaps two billion lives if we make that small effort.Are we really that unconscious and callous that we just don't care?I don't think so. Rather we simply dont know the facts about what to do to make a difference.


Homo sapiens has done the damage and it is up to us to repair it. And actually it is not a difficult or complicated task. It can be done, and within a few years, if those of us who can see the situation make an effort to keep the wheels of healing in motion.


Fortunately this is already happening in a million small ways but the need for urgent action increases by the day, as we are now faced with the formidable task of repairing two massive holes in the protective Ozone Layer around the globe. So the End Game we are now playing is HEALING THE OZONE LAYER. This is the only fight humanity has ever fought which it cannot afford to lose, otherwise we will all be gone and what is left of the plant and animal life will be left to witness a very slow recovery of the Ecosystem. And maybe after a few million years Nature will produce something like Homo sapiens again. Let’s hope she comes up with something a little more compassionate next time.


There is a strong possibility that our race will not become extinct just yet, however, because human beings are basically kind and caring, when we are born into a state of innocence. Now we simply have to regain that state of innocence and sensitivity towards each other and the world around us.


There are a million small things, which can be done, of course, and they all fall into a few simple categories. But the biggest step is to actually make the decision, promise yourself, if you like, making a new  resolution: – “From now on I will live lightly on the Earth!”







So let’s explore a few simple ways that can be done. Everyone can help enormously with just a little will power, because the actions and habits, which cause the most damage, are really very easy to change, once a small shift in Consciousness has happened.


What causes the most damage to our Ecosystem?

1. Greenhouse gases and Ozone depleting gases from petrol and diesel engines, together with the burning of Fossil Fuels such as coal and oil in Power Stations to produce electricity. The dangers of Nuclear Power Stations,particularly on coastal sites!


2. Livestock Farming. Most particularly the production of meat and dairy products. It is estimated that 55 Billion animals are killed every year worldwide to satisfy humanity’s lust for blood. A side effect of this is that those unfortunate animals introduce millions of tons of methane in their farts and burps, which rises up into the atmosphere and causes an estimated 30% of the Ozone damage. The United Nations report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates that 55% of the damage to the Earth’s ecosystem is caused directly or indirectly by Livestock Farming. This is not surprising now we know that 30% of the entire landmass of the Earth is populated by Livestock to feed to a population fast approaching 7 billion. Scary to say the least!

It should also be said that Nitrous Oxide produced by the slurry waste from Dairy farms is 300 times more damaging to the Ozone layer than the Carbon Dioxide produced by motor vehicles.


3. The clearing of the Earths Natural Forests. 90% of the forest clearing has been done to make way for livestock of one kind or another. This results in a double whammy for the atmosphere, since those very forests were previously absorbing most of the poisonous chemicals in the air, naturally or unnaturally produced. Since one Cow displaces up to five thousand trees, it is a pretty poor bargain for the Earth, and could almost be described as criminal.


4. Producing Feed for Livestock. Millions more acres are also ploughed up and fertilized with poisonous chemicals annually. 80% of the grains grown globally are fed to livestock, including most of the soybeans and wheat crops. This results in up to 100 tons of precious topsoil per acre being blown away as dust storms each year, very often in countries like Africa and India where tribal peoples have been forced off the land by governments wanting to replace them with cash crops, for their own enrichment. This is the sole reason why starvation has now reached catastrophic proportions in the developing countries. The people’s food is simply being sold by corrupt governments to the rich western countries to feed their animals. A horrifying abuse of power, which would not be tolerated in a genuinely civilized society.


5. Overpopulation. It is perfectly obvious that the Earth cannot sustain 7 billion people,with their current eating habits! The human population has now almost tripled  in the last sixty years (1950 – 2012) and will probably double again in half that time! So, time to give up sex, or get your tubes tied! . No prizes for which will be the preferred option. Hopefully one day a safe contraceptive pill will be developed for both men and women, which has no unpleasant side effects, such as heart disease and even breast cancer. But the fact remains that all forms of contraception taken together are many times safer than childbirth itself.  So large Government grants to reward people for having a Vascectomy or Sterilisation after their first child would help a lot with that difficult decision,which must remain voluntary.


6. Individual over Consumption and Waste. Americans consume 1000 times more per capita of the world’s resources than tribal Africans or Indians. Somewhat unbalanced to say the least.


7. Aircraft and Spacecraft damage in the higher stratosphere. Pollution at this level is hundreds of times more damaging than pollution at ground level. It’s also worth remembering that only about one fifth of the world’s population currently has access to international travel, so what will happen when the 1.3 billion Chinese join the club? This is bound to happen within the next two decades so get ready for some long queues, crowded airports and noisy skies.

It should be pointed out however,to those of us wishing to reduce our carbon footprint,that the total estimate of the damage done to the Ozone Layer by aviation and Space Exploration is 3%. So giving up animal products including Dairy is 17 times more effective than giving up air travel.  


8. Neurotic hoarding of unnecessary individual wealth. There are so many reasons for this particular illness in people, but it is mainly caused by insecurity, a fear that no one will care about us when we are old, and we will need large amounts of money to insure against homelessness, loneliness, and starvation. Money is power in western society after all, but does it really help to have too much, and how many millionaires have died alone?


9. The monopolization of the majority of the land, globally, by very few people, forcing the overwhelming majority to live in cities little more than pollution factories. It is an absurd situation that one human being should have to pay another for the exclusive use of a piece of the planet we all share. Even in the advanced democracies this insane situation could be changed by a simple vote, but the average voter is so deeply hypnotized by the propaganda of the ruling elite that they still believe it is somehow just and right to have to work their butt off to gain the privilege to purchase what should be their birthright back from some individual or corporation who stole it from them in the past.


10. Chemical based Agribusiness on large-scale farms, rather than small-scale tribal style organic smallholdings and family plots. This is the primary cause of poverty, homelessness, and starvation in the world today.


11. Wage slavery and the 5-day working week; totally unnecessary and waste producing in an era of soft technology and labour saving machines. If only the western countries now legislated for a maximum 4 day working week the reduction in pollution levels from factories and offices would be a massive 20%.




We can all make an immediate impact on the global environmental situation and start to turn it around today by taking a look at the issues raised above and adjusting our lifestyle in a few small ways, which make a very big difference.


Starting with our production of greenhouse gases, there is quite a lot an individual can do to reduce them.


The most obvious place to start is with your car, if you have one. It is undeniable that travelling long distances in a short time has become an essential part of life for most people, or at least those who can afford it. I am not suggesting we give up our personal transport just yet and fully embrace shared public transport, although I have a funny feeling this will become normal in a more enlightened society. For the time being it makes a lot more sense to adapt our existing vehicles so that they do less damage or even no damage if that is possible.


During the worldwide oil crisis of the nineteen seventies some people got very nervous because they realized that all their food and heating was dependent on oil. And they were not very reassured by government announcements telling them not to worry because everything would be sorted out soon and that we had at least month’s supply of oil anyway!


The situation is no different today. It does not take a genius to work out why America and its allies went to war in the Middle East twice to ensure the oil kept flowing and remained fairly cheap. If the opponents of the second Iraq war had been told that they would have to abandon their cars, live without electricity, and go without T.V. they may not have shown so much opposition. This is not to say that the whole operation could not have been handled with a lot more compassion and kindness.


During the seventies' oil crisis New Zealand immediately started looking for alternatives, and built government owned factories to produce compressed natural gas (C.N.G.). They also subsidized anyone who was willing to convert their cars to use it. Sadly as soon as the oil started flowing again the government mysteriously lost interest in promoting a fuel which produces virtually no pollution, and returned to the old policy of encouraging the use of horrendously polluting petrol. Why they did this is a mystery but we can only imagine that it must be to do with the fact that petrol taxes produce an enormous chunk of the indirect taxes which keep government employees living in the extravagant lifestyle they have become accustomed to. The average western government as a whole now consumes around 40%of the gross national product to pay its bills. So we are working four days out of ten to pay other people to tell us what to do!


It is little wonder that people are slowly realizing that it is actually the Taxman who breaks up families more than anyone, by subjecting the workers to ever increasing financial stress, while pretending, or perhaps believing that they are ripping us off for our own good.

I am not proposing Anarchy as a solution,but simply that Governments become more supportive of the independence of their citizens rather than seeing them all as useful Tax Slaves.


In terms of pollution, it obviously makes sense to convert your car to L.P.G. or C.N.G., but also we can make a decision to drive a smaller car, which uses less fuel of any kind. Hopefully it will become illegal to drive today’s gas-guzzlers before long, and the epidemic of Status Anxiety, which causes insecure people to drive them, will be a thing of the past.


It may sound drastic, but it is also worth considering giving up car ownership altogether, or joining a car-pool if you don’t need one every day. The financial savings can be very positive, freeing up money for other things such as holidays or paying off debts, particularly crippling mortgages, which can have an unseen negative effect on our relationships, because they keep us in an unnatural state of wage slavery, making us less and less spontaneous or able to live life from day to day, as we could do when we were children and had not buried ourselves under tons of responsibilities.




A combination of Solar, Wind, and Wave power could very easily supply all of Australia’s power requirements, but as long as the peoples of the world continue to focus on economics rather than environment, they will continue to elect the most unconscious people to govern them.


In a country like Australia, where 50% of the population will undergo treatment for skin cancer and in many cases die from it, you would have thought that the use of fossil fuels would be illegal by now. But in spite of summer temperatures often reaching 45 degrees Celcius, still people have not woken up to the causes of this ongoing disaster.


We must act now, because if we don’t it is very likely that Australia will become uninhabitable within a couple of decades, due to the dieback of the remaining forests and the subsequent expansion of the already enormous deserts.




Not many people realize that feeding  one cow destroys five thousand life-giving trees in its lifetime. Quite an achievement for a gentle vegetarian! When you remove that one beef or milk cow from a typical grass pasture somewhere on the planet, you will be able to plant five thousand trees in its place. If the thought of planting all those trees makes you feel exhausted don’t worry you don’t actually have to do anything, except set aside the five to ten acres you have liberated and sit back and watch the forests return on their own, with a little help from mother nature of course.


So you can become an Armchair Conservationist overnight by making one small lifestyle change: giving up the consumption of animal products. Or at least make an effort to cut down.


Five thousand trees may not sound very many, but when you understand that a staggering 55 billion farm animals are killed each year, the amount of trees that have been destroyed to create pasture becomes almost incalculable.  In the U.K. and most of Europe 100% of the native forest was destroyed. In Australia and New Zealand the figure is around 97% and rising, and in the Brazilian rainforests, the destruction is accelerating at an alarming rate.


Another way of picturing what this means is to say that an area of forest the size of 700 football fields is cleared every hour to make way for new farmland. Now, the world is a big place, but clearly we are reaching the end of the story, unless we just lie back and accept that humanity actually wants to commit a global suicide.

Globally we could reduce our electricity needs by more than 50% if we did not have to produce food for the livestock and Dairy industries and power the meat processing plants.This would cancel out the need for all the words Nuclear Power Stations and prevent more catastrophic accidents such as at Chernobil and Fukashima,even more relevant when the rise in sea levels is factored in. It is just not acceptable to expect future generations to have to guard and protect Nuclear Waste for the next 25,000 years. Anyone with half a brain should be able to see that!


Apart from being careful that what we buy for our own kitchen does not destroy someone else’s backyard, it also helps enormously to avoid eating out at one of the multinational fast food restaurants , which simply fill people up with crap which makes them ill very quickly. Most of the beef for burgers in North America comes from land in South America, which has been stripped of its ancient Rainforests, which previously were filtering out millions of tons of carbon monoxide, coming from the industrialized North.


A clever deception the fast food giants sometimes use is to raise some of the animals in Feedlots in the North so they can claim they are not destroying forests for grazing. However when you look a little deeper it turns out that the cattle housed, or rather imprisoned in those feedlots are fed mainly on soy beans and other grains which are grown, yes you guessed it, on South American land which was formally pristine Rainforest!  


So it is not only the 55 billion farm animals who die, but also, an untold number of beautiful wild animals, many of whom are already endangered.


All this primitive slaughter is not only violent and cruel, but it is also totally unnecessary. Human beings don’t need any animal protein in order to live a long and healthy life. In fact studies have shown that the so- called ‘western’ diseases such as heart disease, colon cancer, breast cancer, and arteriosclerosis increase directly in line with the volume of animal products a person consumes. Long term studies conducted over 50 years, by the British Vegetarian Society, show that Vegetarians live an average of five years longer than meat eaters , and that Vegans, who don’t consume any food of animal origin, particularly milk products, live up to ten years longer than meat eaters. The Sherpas of Nepal, who made it possible for Edmund Hilary to climb Mount Everest, are notoriously healthy and long lived, having been Vegetarians for thousands of years.


Eating meat or foods of plant origin also has nothing to do with strength or fitness. In fact many of the world’s strongest animals eat no animal products at all, including the Elephant, Rhino, and Bull, not to mention the enormously strong Gorilla, with whom we share 97% of our genes.


Some researchers have suggested that humans with certain blood types, need to eat animal products to stay healthy, but this is really stretching the truth, since it suggests that God or the Great Creator only made one species in the whole universe which has different needs according to its blood content. It seems very unlikely that Gorillas and Urang Utans with different blood groups sit around in the forests discussing whether they feel lethargic because they haven’t had enough sausages or cheese today! Clearly there are many other factors producing stress in modern society which lead to mineral deficiencies in people’s blood.


Many medical scientists and doctors now recognize that an over consumption of animal protein in the diet actually leads to a net loss of minerals, notably Calcium, because when humans eat too much protein it has a diuretic effect, which leaches precious calcium out of the bones. In other words it makes us piss too much and we therefore flush out minerals we should be storing in our bones and teeth.


This accounts for the modern epidemic of arteriosclerosis or brittle bones amongst western populations, particularly women over fifty. It is extremely rare, however in Japan, for instance, which has a very low intake of animal products. Interestingly, when Japanese nationals move to America or Europe, these diet related diseases start showing up within a few years.


Just a few days before the Millennium, I was stuck in a small French town, during the worst storms every recorded there. The railway track had become blocked by some of the 100 million trees which were blown down in France at that time. This was a little scary and for the first time I began to wonder whether Nostradamus had been right after all when he predicted the end of the World would come at that time. It became even more uncanny when my credit card refused to produce any cash from the machine in the wall. Being a bit stressed and desperate for a cup of tea I foolishly entered a branch of Macdonalds, which I would never normally do, not wanting to speed up the destruction of Mother Earth any more than is happening already!


Even so, I thought a cup of black tea was harmless enough, so I ordered one with my remaining coins. But no – out came the tray with paper mat to put the ridged cardboard cup holder on, not to mention the cup itself, made of horrible poisonous polystyrene gas bubbles and C.F.C.’s.


“ I don’t want to waste all that paper and plastic ‘’,I protested, “haven’t you got a normal cup made out of clay or something?" . “ Sorry sir " said the incredulous waitress, “ It’s for your own good and safety in case you trip over or burn yourself. We have to do it for insurance purposes”.


“Oh Shit“, I thought, now we have to destroy the last remaining Rainforests for our own safety!


For their part, the British Government is pretending to support rail travel as an environmentally friendly alternative to the car. The problem is that the tickets are so expensive that very few people can afford to buy them. For instance, it costs $200 dollars, U.S. to travel from London to Cornwall, a distance of 300 miles.


The Australian government is blatantly pushing more road transport, however, by reducing the cost of diesel used by the heavy trucks, thereby shifting freight from rail to road.


Sometimes it seems that the worlds governments hold back progressive ideas, perhaps because their collective bureaucratic consciousness is so much slower to evolve, and just lumbers along like a tired old dinosaur. So it is only when a dedicated group of visionaries shouts loud enough in its ear that they can wake it up again and move it in the right direction. But obviously the visionaries have to be very careful how they wake up the dinosaur, as the hundreds of now dead Chinese students found out to their cost in Tiananmen Square .Be careful not to upset the dinosaurs too much,since a dead hero is not much use to the cause,particularly if it is a just and urgent one.


To be fair, not all governments are in denial about global warming. Costa Rica, for instance, is a very rare example of an enlightened administration which is making every effort to avoid any more clearing for grazing, and has managed to trigger off economic prosperity through conserving its abundant Rainforests and natural resources instead of exploiting then.


Surprisingly, they have also done this without having to maintain an army. So at least one country in South and Central America stands as proof that you don’t have to waste billions of dollars on defence to keep the Ruling Elite in luxury, when you should be spending the money feeding, housing, and educating your people and repairing your environment.


This is certainly the way of the future and it will happen on a massive scale in the decades to come. It would be very helpful if travellers started to support Eco-tourism in countries like Costa Rica, and boycotting countries that support environmental vandalism and human rights abuses. America would be very high on the list of countries to avoid, if only because 90% of the tragic inmates on death row come from economically deprived African American backgrounds- obvious proof that racism, social and economic discrimination leads to frustration and violence. So long as there is selective wealth and privilege, poverty and crime will follow. So who is the real Perpetrator in society? In fact, if Amnesty International asked all its members to boycott travel to any country which still uses the barbaric Death Penalty, economic pressure would force those countries to drop it long before any amount of polite lobbying would. Particularly America, which is primarily obsessed with money, as a means of maintaining its control of others worldwide.


So what chance is there really of persuading people to stop killing innocent animals for food, when they have not even grown up enough to stop killing people yet?


But the tide really does seem to be turning, with a reported 12% of Americans now following a Vegetarian Diet of some sort. The figure is even higher in the U.K., with approximately 20%, half a million of whom are vegan.




Who could deny what a wonderful miracle human babies are. From the miracle of conception, through our development in the womb, to our incredible entry into the world, no one could make up a more fantastic story.


And now, after the most spectacular success story of all time, there are seven billion of us, all once beautiful, innocent babies, with no conception of the awesome power of our race.


The Human population on Earth almost tripled between the years 1950 and 2009, and could double again by the year 2025. And there is every possibility that this will actually happen.


Now, this is not a negative book, and I am not interested in depressing anybody or causing despair. But I am not interested in living on my knees in human shit either! So it is my responsibility to speak out strongly about what I see, as many others are doing. We cannot remain silent any longer for fear of upsetting our friends or relatives in the face of such a monstrous catastrophe.


The Earth is already riddled with Cancer so advanced that some scientists say it is terminal. Some say there is no hope unless the mass of the human race is killed off by a global Nuclear War, Famine, or epidemic. This is a very reasonable assumption and a very possible scenario. But it is the conclusion of scientists who have not understood the psychological causes of the problem and therefore cannot conceive of the solution.


The damage can, and I believe will, be repaired. It can be sufficiently repaired within twenty- five years to ensure the continuation of most of humanity and the stabilisation of our ecosystem. Of equal importance, we can also ensure the survival of the vast variety of other species, who have been lucky enough to escape the decimation caused to them thus far by the side effects of human expansion.


The complete return to environmental stability, achieved by nature over millions of years, will probably take hundreds, if not thousands of years. But “better late than never " was never so true as now.


The problem of Overpopulation is essentially a psychological one. Simply put, our emotions win over our common sense, when we decide how many children to have – inside or outside marriage.


Marriage is the institution, invented and favoured by the State, which has replaced the Tribes and extended families we all used to live in, until very recently in human history.


The Nuclear Family is really an economic unit forced on us by the Ruling Elite in search of the most efficient source of labour and taxes to keep it in its privileged position. Without taxes there can be no power and unfortunately the love of power and wealth is still the motivation of most politicians and dictators. Social Justice, and the urge to share the nation’s resources, lags in at a poor second.


If this were not so, how is it possible for the Duke of Beucleuch to own 300,000 acres in Scotland, or Prince Charles to own HALF of Cornwall and the whole of the Scilly Isles, while twenty thousand homeless and landless people still sleep on the streets in England. How also is it possible for so called Socialist members of parliament in that country to pay themselves 150,000 pounds a year, while the people who do the hard physical work struggle by on less than ten pounds an hour.


How is it possible for people to respect the Queen of England, the richest woman in the world, with 7 billion pounds in assets, and for those same people to scorn the homeless and unemployed and call them scroungers, when they ask the Social Benefits department for a few crumbs from the community table.




A long time ago the English government took away most of the common land and made it illegal for the peasants to continue to graze even one sheep, unless they bought the land back from the Barons at prices very few could afford. The Rulers knew perfectly well that the best way to enslave the people was to deprive them of the land so they could not house or feed their families. This is still very much the case hundreds of years later, and we still live in the little boxes and tower blocks in the overcrowded streets we were forced into when they took away our land. And then if the peasants stole back one of their sheep, or a loaf of bread, they were hanged, or better still transported to work as slaves to one of the colonies, or franchises of the Empire.


So here we are in the 21st Century, with Mum and Dad now both working to pay outrageous rents and mortgages. Stressed out and tired, with barely enough time to play with our kids, or even relax in the two days the employers begrudgingly allow us at weekends.


How many second children are born simply because the parents think an only child will be lonely without a playmate. The sad thing is that children do not even play in the street any more, because it has become too dangerous, noisy, and polluted out there. Children rarely have the chance to meet and play in the woods or fields any more, because the landowners have made them out of bounds, even if the kids live close to them, instead of in the middle of a stifling city.


In this way we have slowly all lost touch with Nature and the wild animals and birds.


Even the ‘Back to the Land “ movement by people sensibly trying to flee the cities has been blocked by red tape and bureaucrats determined to squash the idea of land-based communities. Where will all the taxes come from if we all live in self- built houses made from organic building materials such as earth and stone. What would happen to Agribusiness if we all grew healthy vegetables without chemicals, stop eating meat and supporting the Livestock and Dairy industry, with all the horrendous damage it does to the countryside?


Try obtaining planning permission to build an environmentally friendly village or community in the so called Green Belt in England to enable you and your children to live a more humane existence and you will very soon learn the extent of the conspiracy of the ruling elite to keep you trapped in the cities, where you will of course continue to pay taxes to supply their fat salaries.


The so called Green Belt is just a cunning strategy to drip feed land to the peasants when it suits those in power, thus keeping land prices shamefully high. This also maintains the ‘traditional' bald rolling hills appearance of the countryside, which is really just a Green Desert, devoid of wildlife and poisoned with phosphates.


My own observation is that a sustainable human population for the Earth would be around three billion or less than half of the total in the year 2011. Clearly it is beyond doubt that seven billion is too many because it has already resulted in the destruction of a large portion of the protective shield around the Earth at the North and South poles.


So only an idiot could deny that we have too many people doing too much damage. We have destroyed 95% of the world’s forests in the last 500 years and the remainder continues to disappear at an astonishing 700 acres per hour.


So things are very drastic indeed. Far more dramatic than the latest episode of ‘Neighbours’ in fact, and so serious that the situation demands a revolution in our way of life.


Some of us have already responded by deciding not to have any children at all, which is a very brave and selfless thing to do, and it is amazing that some foolish people call them selfish for making that decision. Others, who have not got the capacity or knowledge to see the wider view, or the harm they are doing to their own children’s future, go on having three, four, or even more children, even if it means the social security office, which is really just their neighbours’ taxes, has to pay for it.


“The children are our future”, they say, or “Your trouble is you hate children”. In a world of free choice, which I totally support, we can only hope that having more than two children becomes socially unacceptable in the very near future, if only for the sake of the children now being born.


Some people rave against the compulsory One Child Policy in China. But had it not been introduced 35 years ago there would now be 4 billion people in that country, and they would probably have invaded far more countries than Tibet. Is that really what the Western World wants?


The Chinese takeover of Tibet had nothing to do with spreading the word of Communism. Rather it was undertaken simply because of overpopulation in China which had caused enormous depletion of the natural resources, forests, and health of the soil, and threatened to result in starvation. The Gobi Desert in north western China, for instance, is spreading at a rate of 100 sq kilometres a year, and has already forced the displacement of 20,000 people. It is very sad to travel through such a vast country and witness the obliteration of Nature, and it is not surprising that the Chinese felt they had to expand into Tibet, although the brutal way it has been done is tragic for the Tibetan people. Fortunately the Dalai Lama understands very well that to resist China would mean the pointless deaths of millions of Tibetans who would just be stamped on like ants, in the same way that the British stamped on anyone who got in their way when they were empire building for roughly the same reasons.


There is a saying in Asia that “If it has four legs, and its not a table, the Chinese will eat it!”. A stroll through the market place near Tianenmen Square will prove this to be true. Beautiful Lizards, birds, dogs, snakes, and anything which can be killed for food will be found hanging there waiting to be boiled, baked, and beaten into a meal by one of us – the dominant species.


Thank God the otherwise fanatical and brutal dictator Chairman Mao at least had the intelligence to foresee the coming disaster, and introduced the One Child Policy. By doing so he not only saved his people from mass starvation, but he probably also saved half the world from invasion caused by hunger and thirst in China.


Hopefully, the modern western societies will be able to achieve a similar understanding through education rather than force. A voluntary One Child policy, rewarding those who choose that option, and greatly rewarding those who choose not to have children at all, would help enormously. In contrast the current child benefit system, which rewards those who have multiple births, suggests that there is something beneficial to society in what they are doing. The very last thing any country needs at this point in history is any extra mouths to feed, and the sooner politicians stop pussyfooting around trying to attract votes by sweet-talking the ‘Family Values’ lobby the better.


The Earth is more than full now, and has been for the last 50 years, so let us hope that the sickly sweet emotional ramblings about how beautiful children are, very soon get replaced by some common sense and clarity. Lonely and abandoned homeless women and men are also beautiful people, but they are not very sexy, and don’ t attract the same sympathies as charities which focus on children. Lets learn some real compassion and start taking care of all sectors of our overworked and stressed society. Ironically, the main reason most people lack the time or inclination to help their weaker or poorer neighbours these days, is that they are so busy working to pay their taxes and bills they have no love to spare.


Most other species - elephants, birds, snakes, pandas, and other endangered species, also think their babies are beautiful, and will fight to the death to ensure their survival, but the emotional blackmail practised by Catholic priests and others who encourage unsustainable numbers of human children, will cause the extinction of all the other species, if we carry on being bullied by them.


What a horrible thought it is to live in a mono-species world inhabited just by people, where all the beautiful creature of the past are only found stuffed and mounted in museums, like the flightless and majestic Moa birds of New Zealand, which were nearly 3 metres tall, and the incredible Tasmanian Tiger, which only became extinct in the 1930’s. Some of our closest relatives or brothers and sisters, the Gorillas of the Ruandan forests, are on the edge of extinction right now, with only a handful left. This is a tragedy as enormous as if we found our own mothers and fathers on Death Row awaiting execution for crimes they did not commit, and we should react to it with the same urgency with which we would react to that. We would do everything in our power to prevent their needless death.


But fortunately many of us are waking up to the enormity of what we have done to our world and to our fellow creatures. We were not really to blame because we didn’t know any better, and now we must forgive ourselves and move rapidly into a more humane way of living.




Miracles continue to happen every day. In fact if we become open to the wonder and beauty of life, it becomes full of miracles, and it becomes impossible for the negative aspects of life to weigh us down and place us in the clutches of depression and despair.


As I write this a school of Dolphins has just appeared on the right-hand side of the ship. Its wonderful to watch them play around and race the vessel for no reason at all, but just for the joy and exuberance of it. At this point in the journey we are between Acapulco and San Francisco, and the captain has just announced that we will shortly be ‘privileged’ to view the Humpback whales as they migrate up the California coast to Alaska. This is truly a miracle, and it is only possibly because in the last 20 years a great movement to appreciate and protect these giants of the ocean has begun. Only just in time of course, since they were right on the edge of extinction, but it does show that the tide is turning in a big way, and will soon turn into a Tidal Wave of conservation.


It is of course strange that the very same people who “ooh “ and “Aah”, and declare “aren’t they just beautiful”, over the whales and dolphins, are, in many cases the same people who the night before were raving about how delicious the fresh Pink Salmon and Octopus on their dinner plate was. But at least selective compassion for fashionable species is better than no compassion at all.


Vegetarianism appears to be the fastest growing revolution in human history, and if it continues to become more and more fashionable, most of our environmental problems will be solved, and it will only remain to find clean ways of propelling our beloved vehicles around.


It is a real pleasure travelling around the earth by ship, rather than by plane, and a lot less polluting and damaging to the upper atmosphere. Having said that, a great deal of damage is still done to the ocean by ships powered by oil and diesel who spew their exhaust into the water. This becomes doubly wasteful when you consider that most of the goods shipped around the world in the name of so called Free Trade, could be perfectly well produced in the target countries if it were not for multinational vested interests, monopolies, tariffs, and unfair deals between powerful nations. How insane is it to export potatoes and pigs from America to Australia.


With the political will, even wasteful trade exchanges could be carried on without polluting the oceans or the air. More than twenty years ago, for instance ,a Japanese engineer, designed a ship with zero emissions, which was much cheaper to run than a conventional one. This vessel was fitted with enormous aluminium sails covered with solar cells, which changed direction and angle automatically to gain the maximum use of the wind and the sun. Aluminium is of course an extremely polluting product to make, but at least the principal is a great leap forward , and will hopefully be put into practice when the worlds governments and businessmen get over their childish dependency on oil. We elect them, so we had better get a bit more proactive so we can ensure we put forward thinking people in power.


If I were a gambler, which I am not, I would put my money on the human race waking up in time and moving towards a population somewhere around 3 billion by 2050. If that happens we will all be materially much better off apart from being able to breathe clean air and drink clean natural water from our rivers again. We would certainly all have a home of our own because there will be so many spare ones. And there would be an abundance of non- chemicalised soil to grow food for everyone so no one anywhere in the world need go to bed hungry. This is a dream long spoken of, not least by politicians wishing to show an interest in Social Justice, but it is a dream we can easily make a reality, if we just stop talking and start doing.


I am not a University trained scientist, or a doctor, economist, or psychologist, and I am not greatly interested in how many tons of Rainforest timber it takes to produce a litre of cows milk, although it does horrify me. To me what is happening is bloody obvious, and the solutions are very simple and achievable. You don’t need a degree to see the writing on the wall. You just need to open you eyes and ears. Those with a vested interest in Meat and Dairy production, and of course Land ownership, and those who feel defensive about their eating habits, will inevitably call me a fanatic.


But what could be more extreme than cutting a baby’s throat, or slavering a the mouth over a plate of calves’ liver, kidneys, or even pig’s trotters for God’s sake? This is just simple blood lust.




There is enough wealth in the world for everyone to live in luxury right now. Generations have fought and died, and sweated and slaved to achieve personal or collective liberation from poverty and depravation. The fear of starvation and abandonment hidden deep in the human psyche is the source of greed in all of us. Take a trip to any American city and you will be amazed, sickened, or amused at the gross obesity of some of the population in ‘The land of the free’. You will see people so fat they can barely stand up because their belly is so heavy, and others only just able to fit behind the steering wheel of their car.


In 1999 I took a Greyhound Bus from Los Angeles to Atlanta. A three thousand mile journey which will stick in my memory forever as a visit to the underworld, although I did enjoy the funny side of it.


Having taken up my window position with the seat beside me free – always a weary travellers dream – I snuggled down to enjoy the scenery at the start of my three day journey. Unfortunately my smugness soon turned to horror as an enormous lady at least the size of a Hippopotamus, who needed two or three seats to herself, boarded the bus at the last minute and, barely able to squeeze down the aisle, started lolloping apparently towards me.


“Oh my God”, I thought, “The Passenger from hell”, and closed my eyes in the hope she would somehow de-materialise. Now this lady was all of one metre wide, so imagine my relief when I opened my eyes to find a small smiling beanpole of a man sitting beside me instead.


Gracias Senor, no English ", he replied as I welcomed him profusely, while the gravity defying Michelin woman had somehow managed to pass me by and park her phenomenal butt virtually on top of the man behind me – a 75 year old Sicilian immigrant called Ricci, with very close connections to the Cosa Nostra, who I later got to know very well.


Since there was no other seat left the poor man had no choice but to stand for the next few hundred miles, or risk asphyxiation squeezed up against the window. Having a heart condition himself he chose to stay put since there was no chance of finding a doctor on board. Doctors don't travel Greyhound these days, and after that trip I now know why everyone who can afford it chooses to use their gas guzzling Limo or take a plane, rather than chance riding on public transport.


I was busy wondering how it was possible for anyone to become that disgustingly obese in the first place, let alone stay alive in that condition, when the bus pulled in to one of the many Macdonalds Fat Palaces dotted along the highway. Being a long term vegan, naturally my heart sank as I wished I had thought to visit the wholefood shop and stock up before the trip.


By contrast Our Lady Bountiful was in her own private Heaven as she wobbled around Big Macs stuffing great globs of genetically modified garbage into her mouth and washing it down with the largest tub of Coke I have ever seen. “Well I hope no one lights a match back on the bus”, I thought, “Otherwise we’ll have the first case of spontaneous combustion in a Greyhound bus ever recorded on Route 66!"


“Hey buddy, help me out here”, came the plaintive croak of the unfortunate Sicilian Ricci. “My whole left side’s gone numb! I’m gonna die here for sure if that fat bitch sits on me all the way to Atlanta . Jeez , you could strip paint with her body odour, and I promised my cousin Vinni I’d come stay with him before he dies – prostate cancer, the poor bastard’s wasting away. I’m gasping here, know what I’m sayin? "


Ricci was really desperate and we sat down together in the restaurant to try and work out a solution to his plight. We had by then noticed that the beanpole Mexican had joined up with our neighbour and they were grunting away happily while he watched her eat! It turned out that they were actually married and there our problem was solved. I simply suggested to the Mexican that he change places with Ricci, so he and his lovely lady could be together, being careful not to suggest in any way that poor Ricci probably wouldn’t make it otherwise. The Mexican nodded knowingly after slowly understanding my sign language, perhaps regretting the loss of his temporary reprieve, and the switch was made. She was happy and Ricci worshipped me for the rest of the trip. Fortunately for all of us, he was a retired gangster, and had hung up his gun long ago.


This little story, which is absolutely true, illustrates a little known fact, which is that the average American consumes up to 1000 times as much of the worlds resources as the average Indian or African living a traditional village life.