The Peaceful Vegan Revolution
By Charles Walker






“Abortion is a woman’s right to choose”. This statement would seem to be obvious to any fair minded person. They may not even agree with abortion, but at least they would concede that in 99% of cases the person most qualified to know what is best for them is the person who is the potential mother. One of the main obstacles to this understanding is that a good proportion of men still believe they are intellectually superior to women! It is also unfortunate that all the world’s religions are dominated by men, and many of those religions still have a kind of hypnotic hold over the attitudes of their followers, who are indoctrinated and programmed from birth to believe in the most illogical and idiotic ‘truths’.


Although the choice whether to continue a pregnancy or not should clearly rest with the woman in any civilised society, everyone would agree that it is better to avoid unwanted pregnancy in the first place. The contraceptive pill was the greatest and most revolutionary step forward in the history of humanity.


If it had not been invented we would probably be in the middle of World War Three by now, with 10 billion people fighting over what is left of the worlds resources. Of course there have been and still are some side effects of taking the pill, but it is still 100 times safer than giving birth.


Most importantly it has given women control over their own sexuality. Now women can relax and enjoy sex spontaneously as God intended, just for the fun of it, without the dreadful fear of being cast out by ‘moral’ society if it resulted in the shame of pregnancy outside marriage and the awful stigma of ‘illegitimacy ’ both for mother and child.


The Churches committed enormous crimes against women in the past, and even today millions still suffer from the psychological abuse of the priests, nuns, and assorted moralists who filled them with guilt and fear. Priests and politicians have been described as ‘The Mafia of the Soul’, although it is certainly true that many religious people do an enormous amount of work helping those less fortunate than themselves. The Salvation Army and Christian Aid are good examples of this.


The religious mind is capable of extreme cruelty, and often justifies its actions by claiming to be guided by God. Several million women were burned alive at the stake by the Catholic Church, sometimes with their babies.


It is not widely known that the Catholic Church burned up to 9 million women alive at the stake during the Inquisition, and only stopped this barbaric practice 200 years ago. This is 50% more people than were murdered by Hitler, but only half the amount killed by Stalin only sixty years ago, so we should not be too optimistic about priests or politicians solving our problems for us. Even now women and men are burned at the stake of guilt and fear, and hypnotised into thinking that sex is dirty and should only be tolerated in the name of procreation.


Why anyone would want to deprive another mature human being of the joy of sex is a mystery which would take another whole book to unravel.


Having said that, we do have to concede that there was a period in history – from around the Middle Ages, when the tribal way of life was disappearing in Europe, up until the 1960’s, when it really was unwise for a man or woman to be ‘promiscuous’. This was mainly because of the threat to life and health posed by untreatable sexually transmitted diseases, as well as the outrageous treatment of unwed mothers who were generally treated as scum, and being morally degenerate. How callous and unkind we used to be, and how many millions of women and men have endured loveless and stifling marriages, starting with a ‘shotgun wedding’ and dragging out over a seeming eternity of mental torture on both sides, for the sake of the children, or just to keep up appearances in the neighbourhood.


But thank God it is almost all over now thanks to the battles fought in the past by the Suffragettes and brave women like them. Hopefully education and rising levels of consciousness will bring an end to our appalling history of domestic violence as well, and men and women will both learn to treat each other with the respect they deserve.


It is still very unusual for millions of women in India to experience sexual orgasm, and most of their husbands would be shocked if they did, and punish them and make them feel dirty or ashamed! This incredible degree of paternal hypocrisy has resulted in the terrible situation in India today, where one billion people struggle to survive on the country’s ever- dwindling resources. India will experience an unprecedented holocaust of starvation and civil war before long if she does not wake up and emancipate herself from the mental slavery of Religion.




One day we may regain our ability to regulate our fertility psychically, rather than by the use of chemicals or rubber accessories, even if they are strawberry flavoured. I say Regain because there is plenty if evidence that in our more ‘primitive’ days, before the noise of society made us deaf to our innate inner wisdom, telepathy, and intuition, tribal women were able to regulate their fertility by just making an internal decision whether to add to their family or not. Most importantly they had to decide whether the tribe could afford to add to its numbers or not.


We lost this ability when we were brutally separated from the forces and lessons of Nature and expelled from our traditional lands, either by our own Aristocracy, or by invading colonists in the case of the New World. And we have certainly not regained this ability yet as is evident from the thousands of New Age Earth Mothers who have misjudged their level of spiritual development and relied on the Moon Cycle as a method of contraception. How many hippy dreamers are now struggling to bring up four or five children because their Aquarian dogma told them that chemicals are a sin and nature knows best. Sometimes Esoteric Bullshit is more damaging than old–fashioned methods even if they are a little straight.


The sad fact is that even modern educated Man is simply dragged around by his balls, and almost never achieves enough sexual satisfaction so that he can see beyond the body of his partner to the real Lover inside, who would also love to be seen and appreciated for who she is. This works both ways of course, since women are just as good at exploiting others as men are. But women are extremely fortunate not to have testicles full of rampant hormones busting to get out and dive into the nearest passing Yoni. They are therefore much more able to control their sexual urges, whereas the poor male is so programmed by evolution to pass on his genes, that he simply gets neurotic, violent, or even suicidal if he cannot get rid of his sperm somehow. It is a very rare woman who has the capacity to understand how emotionally painful it is for men to sublimate their sex drive.


So we may feel sorry for the over-sexed macho male, but we cannot blame him for his actions if he is unable to fulfil what nature has bequeathed to him. Having said that, if he has any sense of decency, he will very soon work out that he has no right to push himself on to unwilling partners, and would quite rightly end up in court or in jail if he did. The sad thing is that a lot of frustrated females would love to meet him and help him with his ‘problem’, but they are unable to do so because of a whole range of societal taboos, not to mention the overriding fear of sexually transmitted diseases.


Some virologists have gone so far as to say that some S.T.D’s originated with abnormal or unnatural sexual activity, which resulted from religious sexual repression and guilt in the first place.


It is certainly true that many Polynesian Societies, which practiced complete sexual liberation, even between immediate relatives, and had no barrier method of contraception, appear to have had no sexual diseases until they encountered the white races. Those explorers were often riddled with sexual guilt and hypocrisy and carried all sorts of exotic viruses around the world with them.


The emergence of newly discovered viruses has also suggested that the destruction of ancient rainforests for grazing has put humans into contact with desperate animals running out of habitat, who have bitten the invading humans or otherwise passed on infected blood. Some tribal peoples think nothing of eating all parts of their captured monkeys, including the brain. Since we are so very closely genetically related to monkeys, this could easily result in all kinds of diseases and weaknesses appearing in the human host and destroying its immune system. This could  prove to be the origin of the H.I.V. virus. Certainly something very similar happened in the case of Mad Cow Disease, which was caused by greedy farmers feeding the ground up bodies of their unwanted livestock back to the herd to save on food and disposal bills. This is a very convenient way to get rid of the millions of ‘useless’ male calves produced by the Dairy industry worldwide.


I will never forget the horror I felt a few years ago in New Zealand when I stumbled upon a pile of around fifty newly born and freshly skinned baby calves in a farmers shed while I was looking for directions to a friends house. They had just been thrown into bloody heap, and it was like a scene from hell, particularly since they were beginning to smell and were covered in swarms of flies. Naturally I felt extremely sick and escaped from there as fast as I could, wondering how it was possible for humans to be so cruel, just for the sake of making money. It was only years later when I mentioned this experience to a friend that I found out why the bodies were skinned. It was because the farmer sent all their skins to a factory which made ‘Kid Gloves’ and handbags, and beyond that the bodies were not worth ‘processing’ as they say in the trade. Perhaps if people knew the real grisly story behind the production of milk for their cup of tea, or cheese for their sandwich they would boycott these products and put the perpetrators out of business. But then again maybe they would just continue to turn a blind eye to the cruelty done to farm animals as they have always done.

It is surprising how few school children know that mother cows have to be made pregnant every two years so that they continue to produce milk. Male calves are just an unwanted by- product since most pregnancies result from artificial insemination from a sperm bank produced by just one bull to thousands of heifers. The animals are mostly not even allowed the experience of mating since the bull’s sperm can be produced by stimulating his testicles with electric shocks.


Constant crossbreeding to produce higher and higher milk production has resulted in the enormous mutated udders we now see on the modern dairy cow. This often results in the teats dragging on the ground and becoming inflamed and infected, and if one of the four teats stops working through mastitis the poor cow is deemed uncommercial and killed off as soon as possible.


These practices are so barbaric that it is amazing they are still tolerated in our so called civilised society, but it is certainly no less shocking than primitive tribes eating monkey brains.




Sensitive or non-violent people are bound to have some problems with contraception and abortion, and quite rightly so. How can a vegetarian or vegan decide to 'Terminate' an unborn child or advise anyone else to do so? A very difficult dilemma, which has caused tremendous heartache and guilt for many a young parent to be or not to be. But as I said before we are in a very, very drastic situation, primarily caused by having too many people on the face of the earth who have not yet learned how to live on it without terminally damaging it.


Mother Earth is a being too, and she has to cope with the effects of our reckless actions. Is it right that hundreds of trees and animals should die so that one more human being, possibly unplanned, and in truth unwanted, should live? Is that human life worth more than the life of a Wallaby, an Antelope, or a Panda?


Of course not! All beings are equally valuable in the eyes of the Creator. So if you want to blame somebody for the unfortunate necessity of abortion as a last resort, then blame God for being so irresponsible as to create such a fertile and destructive being as the Human.


Who can say when a Foetus becomes a person with an independent soul? If it is at the exact moment of conception then it means that there are lots of voyeur souls hanging around in our bedrooms waiting for someone to ejaculate so they can dive in just on cue when the sperm merges into the egg! Or is it that the sperm is already a person before it even leaves the testicles? This would mean that the average man is carrying thousands of complete human beings in his balls prior to an orgasm, and that even Catholics are therefore responsible for mass murder every time they fornicate. But this is a very sexist view because it assumes that women have no part in forming new humans but just lie back and think of England, while making their non human eggs available for insemination by their Lord and Master’s miniature humans.


Whether the soul enters the foetus after one, two, three months or whenever is just ignorant speculation unless you are enlightened and know the mysteries of the Universe. Some teachers reputed to be enlightened have stated that if a human or animal mother chooses to abort, it clearly shows that she does not feel willing or able to give a new baby the Love and nourishment it needs, for what ever reason, and this is her choice as of right. In response, the soul simply withdraws from her and searches for another fertile womb, of which there are millions to choose from at any given time. It is no big deal, and there are no human emotions or feelings of sadness on the part of the soul.


If you have faith in God, then this is the much more likely situation, and surely we should credit God with more control over events than we have, since we are supposed to believe that He or She created the whole Universe, let alone one tiny little human soul. The Catholics show supreme arrogance by presuming to do God’s work better than He can, unless of course they have no faith in him.


Obviously the most effective way of limiting our amazing powers of fertility is to make sure that the sperm does not come into contact with the egg, or that the egg never gets to position itself to receive the ever rampant sperm.


Vasectomy or Sterilisation are the best ways to achieve this, apart from celibacy, which may be an option if you have honestly gone beyond sex. But this path more often results in creating sad and lonely monks and nuns with long faces, many of whom are simply frightened of contact with the opposite sex, and use the excuse that celibacy is in some way ‘Spiritual’. Making vulnerable people feel guilty or ashamed of sex, or pretending that it is unevolved or barbaric, is not the way to bring harmony into the world.


I am not saying that Celibacy is wrong at all, because it can be a very sensible course to take, if an individual feels they need time off from the sometimes confusing and stressful aspects of sexual relationships. The confusion comes in when inexperienced spiritual seekers are persuaded by unenlightened teachers that sex is intrinsically bad for your spiritual growth. This is complete rubbish and can be very damaging for the emotional health of the seeker after understanding. Second rate, so called masters often use this cruel device as a way of monopolising the heart energy of the seeker in order to further their own attempts at increasing the membership of their own spiritual businesses. Beware of Charismatic hypnotists who gain your attention and allegiance by playing the ‘Look at me, I’m Enlightened' card.


Since most violence is caused directly or indirectly by the misdirection or suppression of the sexual urge, the way to reduce violence or sexual exploitation is to encourage ways for lovers to enjoy each other without spoiling the experience through fear of pregnancy. A woman can enjoy making love with a man who has a vasectomy, because she can put her full awareness into the pleasure of the present moment rather than fear of the consequences. In the same way a man can enjoy making love with a woman who has been sterilised because they both know they are there for the fun of it rather than to further the human race.


Carefree lovemaking is even more attainable if both partners have also been responsible enough to have had a blood test to ensure they don’ t pass on unwanted guests such as the Aids virus, Syphilis, Herpes, or Hepatitis A, B, and particularly Hepatitis C, which is far more common and dangerous that H.I.V.


Latest figures suggest that lovers are becoming complacent about the possibility of catching S.T.D’s, and the incidence of infection is rapidly speeding up again, particularly in younger Heterosexuals. There are now millions of people carrying the Aids virus worldwide, and at least Five Million have died. There are 18 million orphans in Africa alone because of early denial by governments afraid of affecting the tourism industry, or inflaming dissent.


If we want to make love, and to be honest most of us want to when we reach puberty, we should at least show some respect for our partner by spending ten dollars on a blood test. In fact any government which truly cared for the health of its people would make free blood tests a top priority and even reward people with a few dollars if they took the trouble to take a test. After all it costs millions to treat a single case of H.I.V, let alone the heartache involved for the individual, their family and friends.


We should not punish or ostracise people who contract S.T.D’s, or make them feel guilty, because it is just a twist of fate that we are not in their place. Rather we should safeguard ourselves and our children by making blood tests compulsory,or at least attractive to save any further heartache. The results of those tests would have to be kept secret of course, to prevent any government agencies or insurance companies misusing the information, or alternatively the tests themselves could be taken anonymously for the same reason. But either way at least we would all know whether we are capable of passing on infections , whereas at the moment we don’t, so we can happily continue to delude ourselves that ‘It could never happen to me' It is likely that most of the people carrying S.T.D’s got them from someone who honestly thought they were free from infection, but human beings are experts in the field of Denial, particularly in the area of sexual guilt.


Polio and smallpox were all but eradicated in western countries by compulsory testing and inoculation, so why are governments so scared of looking after our health in the case of H.I.V. and Hepatitis; both potentially life – threatening? Obviously because M.P’s are still squeamish about the Taboo subject of sex. It would have been far more honest if Bill Clinton had had the courage to challenge all the Republican and Democrat hypocrites to state publicly how many of them had never enjoyed a good blow-job, and even better, given the chance, from a beautiful woman 25 years younger – provided she is totally willing of course! If all the members of the House of Representatives and the Senate who had committed adultery had resigned , there would have been a mere handful left to run the government, and perhaps we would have all been a lot better off for that.




One fear that makes a lot of men wary of Vasectomy, is that it could reduce the degree of pleasure they experience in Orgasm. This is certainly not the case for me, and according to dozens of other males I have talked to who have had the operation, which is now the most widely used method of contraception in Australia and New Zealand.


In fact most report a feeling of heightened pleasure because they can let go more totally, knowing that their partner is not risking an unwanted pregnancy. And of course if they are also free from infection, they do not have to ‘wear’ a condom, which every man and most women lament, is the greatest passion killer of them all, apart perhaps from having a Crucifix hanging over the bed next to a picture of the Pope. Many men say they have extreme difficulty making love at all with a condom, particularly as they get older, so vasectomy would be a godsend for them in particular.


Another fear of course, is that the operation will be painful. After all, this is one of the most sensitive areas of a man’s body. But reports suggest that it is extremely rare for a man to experience pain during the short time the operation takes, even under a local anaesthetic. However, most men do say they experience mild bruising and find lovemaking a little difficult for around 7 days. But this is a small price to pay for the freedom from fear previously felt by both partners, and very few men later regret their decision. But fortunately, if they do ,they can always have a reversal, which if done within 10 – 15 years is usually successful. There is even a procedure available in America, whereby a valve can be inserted into the Vas Deferens ( the tube which carries the sperm into the penis ) which is fitted with a minute tap which a surgeon can turn off with a micro screwdriver. Ingenious!


If a woman wants to be doubly sure she is safe from pregnancy, she can choose to be sterilised. Again most women say they feel liberated by this, although the operation is slightly more complex than it is for a man. Maybe it is up to the men to take responsibility now, since women have been putting up with pills, diaphragms, I.U.D’s and other methods for long enough, which is not really fair or ethical.






Some of the speeches made in Africa by Pope John Paul 11, should have guaranteed that only people with very limited intelligence could remain associated with his religion. Jesus would have thrown his arms up in despair at such a lack of understanding and compassion. To tour countries like Ethiopia, Sudan, and Kenya at that time , and preach that the best method of Birth control is self–control, or Abstinence, is almost unbelievable. He even rubbed it in further by saying that to use contraception is a sin against God.


Could he not see the thousands of pitiful wretches, with inflamed and disease ridden skin, stretched over their brittle bones, lying in the dust, with their arms reaching out for food? It shows a level of callousness and adherence to doctrine which makes Hitler and Stalin look tame, in terms of how much death, poverty and suffering that doctrine causes. The only course of action a caring religious zealot could take, would be to give away free packs of condoms with every Bible.


What are these poor people supposed to do, if they have not yet reached the levels of Sainthood his Infallible Holiness has? Give up lovemaking after their first baby? That would guarantee a pretty sexually active first nine months of the average marriage, and after that it would be so frustrating that it would make the second half of his Holiness’ finger wagging advice extremely hard to stick to.


When he goes on to say that marriage is sacred, and however dull, dangerous, and soul destroying it might become, and however much some drunken husband rolls home and beats his worn out baby-producing machine of a wife senseless, they should still stay married, because God will punish them in Hell if they don’t. They made a Holy vow on the Holy Bible, so they will commit a mortal sin if they break it!


Really, it is very strange that apparently intelligent people still believe in such utter horseshit at the beginning of the 21st Century. We can understand our superstitious ancestors slaughtering each other during the Crusades hundreds of years ago, or burning women at the stake in God’s name, but to sacrifice the future of humanity over a simple point of Dogma at this point in history is taking faith a little too seriously. The Pope wants people to follow his advice and not do anything so animalistic as to make love with their partner, so why shouldn’t they imitate him and also stay single and celibate.? But, forgive me, I forgot the underlying subtle motive of the doctrine, “Go forth and multiply, and fill the Earth “, but only if they are Catholic. Can’t he see that we already fulfilled that command. The Earth is full.


We live in the 21st Century. We do not live in the time of Christ, so obviously we need to look at the world as it is today. The reason why Christ never advised his followers to use contraception, or talked about overpopulation is because neither issue had any relevance in his day. At that time it would have been inconceivable that the human race would have grown to such devastation proportions.


Anyone who takes the trouble to study what we know about the character of Jesus, rather than following the dictates of so-called Christianity, would be faced with a great dilemma; how to follow Jesus without leaving the Church in disgust. He himself must be looking down from Heaven and fuming at all the exploitation of the masses which has gone on in his name, with moralistic fanatics travelling the world spreading their ‘missionary position’ and making all the simple people feel guilty about living naturally, naked, and close to the Earth.


By no stretch of a sensible mind can a leader go to Africa or South America and preach that contraception is a sin. Quite the opposite is true:- not to use contraception is a sin, probably one of the greatest sins possible today. In the West we should surely know better by now, having lived through the Victorian Era, which brought such hardship to the millions of unwanted children who ended up in the workhouses, as chimneysweeps, child labour in the mines, or prostitutes and pickpockets in the city streets. Modern Calcutta and the African refugee camps are history repeating itself, as it was once for us in the rich west. In fact it is far worse today, as we can see if we do not look the other way when the faces of the starving plead to us from our T.V. screens. The way the world economic system is set up, there is no way that Africa can continue to feed the bulk of her people much longer, unless we stop paying the grain exporters and businessmen to continue to suck the life blood out of that unhappy country. It is also incumbent on countries owed money by African States, to ‘forgive’ those debts, since they were not incurred by the permission of the people who are now suffering, but by the ruthless dictators of the past.


Even if the debts were forgotten however, the African population will need to change some of its traditional ways of living. The prevalent way of supporting a family following the nomadic way of life is to drag flocks of goats, sheep, camels, or horses around with them to supply the group with skins, meat, milk, and many other animal by-products. This was fine when there were too few people to make a damaging impact on the ecological balance. But now it is obvious that people cannot go on living this way without causing the deserts to continue to expand at the alarming rate they are today. The many and complex causes of desertification would take a whole book of their own to explore, but some of them are really very obvious.


Any farmer will tell you that livestock spend most of their time eating and tramping around looking for food, and if you have more than a small number together in the same area for long the grass will be ground into the dust and bare earth will appear. Once the soil has lost its grass and shrub coverage it cannot retain moisture and soon blows away, never to return.Hence the massive dust storms which periodically engulf South Australia.


The once great tropical rainforests of Africa have become another victim of the same vicious process. Millions of axes chopping away to supply wood for houses or warmth have reduced the forests to a tiny proportion of what they were and they are now being torn down at 7 times the sustainable rate necessary to supply the needs of the people long term. Clearly soon there will be none left at all. This destructive process not only hurts our own species, but destroys dozens of other species each year through no fault of their own. Fifteen to twenty years ago, who would have thought that such beautiful animals as the Elephant and the Giraffe, and now apparently the Koala, would be the next to go? Even within the last few years Australian conservationists have predicted that loss of habitat will soon wipe out the Koala. The human race seems to only want one species left on Earth, and it is fast succeeding in that aim.